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Advertisements are generally created for the promotion of products or services and various offers or schemes attached to them. These promotional short clips are basically projected for two reasons. Firstly, to make the product a commercial main stream hit and secondly, for endorsing the benefits that one could reap by possessing a certain product in comparison to another of the same category in the competitive market.

The present advertisement industry has evolved a lot to market the goods in such a fashion that it stands out to become the only product which can meet the needs of the consumers.

The advertisement industry is now employing advertising psychologists who have specialized in understanding the perspective of the consumers. People are appointed to study the recent growth in demands, trends including other factors like inflation and even weather to make an assertion regarding endorsement of a product, while psychologists look into consumers’ response to a certain product and finally chalk out plans for its sale.

It so happens that when there are commercial breaks on television viewers flip channels, not being much impressed by the advertising styles or run on to finish some chore. I myself am one of these viewers but recently I found myself not only enjoying one particular ad but even singing along with the jingle. It was an advertisement for the toothpaste – close up.

Later on I found out that the same ad has even bagged a few accolades. This advertisement was a milestone in the advertising sector. Prior to its release there had been quite a few, based on jingles and were even successful but this particular ad received a lot of popularity and very efficiently promoted their product. Close up began the period of scripting potent jingles.

The cast was a girl in her teens wearing a night suit, on her way to brush her teeth. As she touches her brush it comes alive and a friendly cartoon scope begins dancing on the jingle. Then it tells about the qualities of using close up i.e. it removes plaques, prevents bacterial action, gives you sparkling white teeth and fresh breathe.

Firstly I had the impression that all toothpastes are alike but this advertisement had such an impact on my psyche that I became a regular close-up consumer. Now as a psychology student, I realize the difference in concept and the difference in analyzing and assessing the new consumer perspective that made close-up a product for one and all.

The rates were economical and the pack colorful with the paste having a starry-gauzy look which immediately caught a child viewers’ attention. The ad has been well outlined and scripted to perfection. It incorporates drama, humor and fun – the vital essence to call for viewer attention.

Kids generally abhor brushing but the ad successfully reached its targeted audience sector because as a teen I was so enchanted by the color, the brush’s’ activity and the lovely jingle that I begun brushing more than often.

In my opinion this ad was a classic in itself and has definitely increased the brands’ customer base and clientele. The ad set milestone for the advertisement sector which only very few of others have been able to do.

Cherry Agarwal

Image Source [Google]