The Adam Tablet

The tech revolution has gripped the world like never before, science and technology  has surpassed  itself It is simply impossible for the Gen Y to survive without their gadgets. They swear by ‘good things come in small packages’ and want smaller and sleeker devices which is why the Apple Ipad has probably been the most awaited release of the year. It hit the markets this April and has already sold over a million sets within a month! Sleek, small, ultra cool, and an Apple product, it is every gadget freak’s dream and the rich kid’s prized possession, but wait… something nobody expected has happened! Roll out a red carpet for the Ipad killer: Adam Tablet, a tablet laptop which is going to hit the markets by July 2010 and might take over the tablet space.

It is the brain child of Notion Ink, consisting of seven young Indian professionals, who ganged up at Hyderabad to develop it. It took about three years to work on it and they had to face a lot of hurdles, but working with the help of National Institute of Design’s R&D development campus in Bangalore, they were finally able to materialize what was just an idea. The launch of this touch screen tablet at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics   Show in January 2010 was not just Notion Ink’s dream come true but a very big day for India too. Apart from being 0.3 inches thicker and 0.2 pounds heavier, it is better than Ipad in almost every other possible way, and the icing on the cake is the fact that it is even cheaper!

The Notion Ink Adam has a 10 inch transreflective LCD pixelQi screen. It can be used as an E-reader and one can clearly read it in sun light too. It runs on a NVIDIA TEGRA T20 chip, a low energy consumption chip thus giving it a long battery life. While the Ipad gives ten hours of battery life if you are surfing on the net, Adam gives 16 hours for the same. It gives one sixty hours of battery backup if one wants to use just the E-reader in black and white mode and one forty hours for audio mode!! Multi tasking is allowed on it, one major omission made by the Ipad. Though some believe that not allowing multi-tasking makes it very simple to concentrate on one thing, there are very few who do not like to do something as simple as listening to music in the background while they are surfing, chatting, or checking their mail. The operating system of the Adam Tablet is Android. The CPU consists of 1GHz, dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore

Though it is totally touch oriented, users can plug in a mouse and keyboard if they want to. There are many applications that one can use and download, the Adam Tablet imposes no restrictions with regards to application download like in Apple products where you can use only Apple applications. It has a secure digital card slot for storage and a built in audio speakers and microphone.  It even has an inbuilt rotating web camera of 3 mega pixels, which is pretty for video calls.

Other features include an assisted GPS, wi-fi connectivity, 3G, Bluetooth, Radio frequency, Ambient light sensor, accelerometer and a proximity sensor. It supports Google chrome and Firefox.

All this makes it the most anticipated device release ever, all that is left to see is if it is really as cool as it claims to be. If the Adam Tablet delivers what it promises to be, well then, may apple Ipad rest in peace!

Sneha Jaiswal

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