The Adopted Celebrities

  • Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs rose to fame as one of the Founders of Apple. Along with the co-founders Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, he helped to revolutionize society through the commercial sales of motherboards and the Apple I and II personal Computers. Steve was born in San Francisco, but he was raised in Mountain View, California after being adopted by his parents, Paul and Clara Jobs.

  • Marilyn Monroe: This iconic actress spent most of her childhood in foster homes because her mother was unable to take care of her! After spending her formative years in orphanages, she returned to live with her mother at the age of seven, but that did not work out! When she was 11, she was sent to live with a friend of the family, Grace McKee, who later adopted her!

  • Richard Burton: The brilliant actor, with his glorious speaking voice and ravaged beauty, lived from 1925-1984! Richard’s father was an alcoholic and a coal miner. His mother died immediately after giving birth to her last child! Richard went to live with his sister Cecilia after his mother’s death!

  • Edgar Allan Poe: The poet, writer, critic, who specialized in a dark and macabre style. He lost his parents when he was very young! Frances and John Allan then cared for him although they did not legally adopt him!

  • John Lennon: John Lennon came from a turbulent background. His mother, Julia, was abandoned by her husband, Alf after John’s birth in October, 1940! John maternal aunt Mimi, helped Julia in many ways and helped her take care of John,by offering a place to stay!

  • Nelson Mandela: When Mandela was just a child, he lost his father to tuberculosis. In order to respect a debt that lay between Nelson’s father and himself, Thembu king, Jongintaba, informally adopted the nine-year-old boy! Although Nelson’s mother remained alive throughout the adoption!