The Alter Ego

It is generally believed that the character on stage/screen becomes the personality trait of the person! Here is how the youth perceives the following Youth Icons as:

  • Clark Kent aka Superman: There could be an entire list of superheroes, but Superman is one of the most iconic of them all! His appeal to his fans has never waned since 1930s! His dress, his suavity, his powers are among his most powerful weapons! The Young are attracted by never dying determination!
  • Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band aka The Beatles: The Beatles hit it off with the youth like no one else did! The 4 brightly colored members of the Band were photographed such that they spoke to the mass directly! With an immense penetration among the Youth, The Beatles’ original name was never known!
  • Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce: an immensely successful recording artist, who left Destiny’s Child to forge a solo career in music, has been widely popular with the young! Her emotional yet cutting edge music hits the Youth with great intent. She depicts the right combination of intent and passion!
  • Miley Stewart aka Hannah Montana: This extremely popular teenage pop queen has made a niche for herself even among adults! The teen age pop star has been a sensation since her Montana days. Her quick rapport and quirky remarks made her an instant success among the youth! No wonder she won the Youth Icon for two years consecutively!
  • Garth Brooks aka Chris Gains: When Garth Brooks became Chris Gains, he gained instant popularity! His new name made him more admired and developed a new sync with his audience! The Youth seemed to respond to his new name music more as compared to the original!