The Ancient I POD

God, technology sure makes a lot of things obsolete fast. OK, maybe not “obsolete”, but stuff certainly feels “old” much faster. Is that good? Well, depends upon how the rub of the green plays for you. It is possible that if you were delayed in purchasing something you desired, you end up getting a chance to buy something “newer” after a few days which is somehow so much better than your initial wish. Or, if you are unfortunate enough to have all the money to buy what you want, you are going to be stuck with something that isn’t the “in-thing” anymore.

The iPod has got to be the best example of this. It is not even seven years old, and it already feels like buying a CD of Savage Garden. Its younger brother, the one-and-a-half year toddler called the iPhone, has taken everyone’s attention, just like in real life where everyone wants to play with the youngest baby. I bet if the iPod could turn on by itself, it would have already started playing the most horrible music (my best bet has got to be Himesh Reshamiya), to get its owner’s attention, like the elder sibling does.

Technology sure represents life a lot, in many, many different ways. With the newer stuff coming faster than Sania Mirza’s service, it has been proved that every man has an “intimate relation” with his gadgets. Only difference is, time runs in technological terms, so a “seven year itch” in the relation comes within seven weeks, when the man is soon tempted into wanting a newer, sexier, and, in most cases, slimmer gadget. Bought an N95 a month ago? How sad, you are too committed to it to think of the iPhone 3G. So long, loser!

Well, luckily for me, I have benefited greatly because of the tech race. I’ve got to say I love my elder sister for wanting the latest stuff, since the older ones always get passed on to me. Sure they seem to be from the time when Virender Sehwag still had hair, but, hey, they do their job pretty well. Thanks to the tech race, I’m sitting right now with a pretty nice laptop, counting down days to when my sister’s old iPod would come (she’s gotten a new iPhone 3G). So what if it is nearly three years old, it has got video and 30 Gigabytes of memory, which is a big deal for someone like me who is living in a hostel where there is no TV, and hence no chance to see the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. The tech race has been a god send for me, but alas, most people aren’t as fortunate. But, in case you were more fortuitous than me, please don’t mention it in the comments below, so as to let me enjoy the feeling of being a privileged person.

Raveesh Bhalla

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