The Banyan Tree

Among those giants with their noses held high,

Among all those who were staring haughtily into the sky,

There stood a shy and timid Banyan tree-

Its roots spread around it like a cage.

It was a hundred years in age,

And it had seen years turning into eras during this sage.

It had once been a pivot for lovers,

And with its firm trunk and hanging root covers,

who could have resembled more the epitome of love?

But now it is solitary… yet not without grace,

Welcoming everyone who comes to seek solace.

The blessed tree stands in the sunshine,

And with rays entering those curtains of roots,

there could not have been a more unique sign,

that it was possessed by the ideal.

It was unlike others bent to the ground

Giving a tribute to the mother to whom it was bound.

Rhishabh Jetley