The Beggar

I got up early and realized that sun was shining on my head,
But I didn’t feel like giving up my dirty and hard bed.

Suddenly all others got up and the footpath was full of people like me,
We all looked so same as if it was a forest full of deodar trees.

We stretched our bodies and prayed to god,
That he should give us enough money, food and wider roads.

We all started walking in different directions,
Nobody knew the destiny but the aim was clear and we knew how to do our job with 100% perfection.

Some of us managed to beg enough so as to earn a proper meal,
But others couldn’t get money to cure their illness and heal.

I managed to collect 100 rupees from Connaught Place,
But the blocks and roads were confusing and vehicles were running to finish an endless race.

I bought good meal and slept on the same footpath,
With the hope that I will earn more tomorrow to feed my family and avoid their wrath.

But the next time I opened my eyes, I was lying on a hospital bed,
They told me “you can’t walk because some in the night was driving rash”, 3 are injured and 2 are dead.

They think I am lucky to survive,
But the truth is that I am stuck in a bee-hive.

I can’t move and I am useless now,
But my family is not aware that I am no more a healthy cow.

I feel who died are the heroes,
Their families will get more compensation and their life is null and zero.

I am dying everyday and have lost everything,
There is no place for poor in the big towns, here rich are the masters of the destiny and they decide the king.

Swinder Kaur

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