The Beginning And The End

The value of a human life is very ordinary here as a matter of fact. I am sure it is. We are, after all, a country of more than a hundred crore with weeping resources. But it is an ordeal for those who are left alone to fight for justice and reconstruct. It is very hard to imagine the harassment people go through in aftermath of tragedies. It is beyond human conception. However, talking not of personal anguish rather a general predicament, we should never forget that history repeats itself. What has been taking place year after year in our “secular” state is just the past retold.

It is a different call to different generations. The bloodshed at the time of partition is a haunting silhouette for many even today. Well, it was their trial. But why this hatred? The answer is nothing but an ill motivated aggression. A dangerous ill-conceived sense of retribution. It is always a “we didn’t start the fire” situation jammed in which innocent people lose their lives. And the cost of these lives is insignificant from a larger perspective. It is a very sad state of affairs. The riots in ’84, Mumbai genocide in’93 and the number of events known or unknown are once again history retold. There is no beginning, no end to religious strife in our land.

For my age bracket, it is the Godhra carnage. Who else but I am the Bhagat Singh though only a less agile spectator this time, and the religious fanatics the General who ordered indiscriminate firing on the helpless. This era is my struggle for freedom. It is my strife now whether I choose to face it or not. What good did those sacrifices do when our country is still shackled by religious persecution? We celebrate our heroes every year and observe with great excitement the red letter days but do we even respect what our martyrs have done for us? Perhaps not the way we should. I am referring here not to the ignorant but the well educated. The technical stalwarts who design killing sprees, persons with clout who shelter them and sit back smug when one thing leads to another.

The most painful thing is that those who appoint themselves the bodyguard of faith are not the spokesperson of the masses. They are not the representative of a common man. They are born out of nowhere to force their revolutionary standards on others. One should read ‘Train to Pakistan ’ by Khushwant Singh to actually fathom the cycle of events and understand how the pot starts boiling and then there’s no stopping mayhem.

It is very hard to bury hatred but we cannot overlook “An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind ”. We have to be united to realize our true incorruptible strength.

Let us give a thought to these lines that really inspire me, “The war is won but peace is not ”.

Vasundhara Sud

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