The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The movie ‘The Mummy’ was re-invented in Ludhiana when realtor and businessman Gulshan Kumar rebuilt the sets of the movie at his son’s wedding. Special set artistes from Hollywood who were involved with the creation of the real set of the film, were brought down to Ludhiana to create the magic of Egypt and a star-studded guest list was invited to the wedding.

Indian weddings in recent times have undergone drastic changes where it has become a ‘status’ symbol. Indians are flaunting their moolah and their love for pomp and grandeur. From Rajasthani palaces, French mansions to Hawaiian Islands; the rich and elite sections of the society are exploring exotic locations around the globe to make their special day a memorable one.

Its not only the locations that are attracting the tabloids and lifestyle magazines of the country but bridal apparels and accessories are also a part of the high society fiesta. A Sabyasachi Mukherjee for the Engagement, Ritu Kumar for Mehendi, Satyapaul for Sangeet and Rohit Bal for the final evening; fashion designers have come up with exclusive bridal collection and the takers for it are plenty. Theme- based marriages also have come up in a big way where the guests have to follow a certain dress code and the mandap is also set according to the theme.

The big weddings have also been favourite subjects for filmmakers. While Gurinder Chadha has shown the whole Indian wedding extravaganza in ‘Bend it like Beckham’ and ‘Bride and Prejudice’, Mira Nair in her movie, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ has been successful in capturing the social and psychological mentalities of the Indian mindsets in lieu of a big wedding.

With grand arrangements comes grand management. The emergence of Wedding planners proves this fact. The event management companies in India have a large clientele for Wedding Planning and organizing a wedding ceremony has become one of the most ludicrous ventures in this scenario. From DJ nights to Bollywood star performances and all that jazz, the couple in matrimony cannot ask for anything more.

It’s not only the upper crust of the society who are indulged in such kind of magnificence, but the middle class and upper middle class has also shown a positive trend in the arrangement of weddings. Pre-marriage cocktail parties, discotheques, bars, multi-cuisine dinners and lavish banquet halls are a normal sight in a typical middle class wedding today. Along with it, there has been a certain personal fable developed in the mindsets of people with the ‘My wedding day was the best’ attitude.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding has become a natural tendency in the country today. While simple weddings have become a passé; the new weddings are striving to showcase their luxurious and splendid arrangements that they can make. But all said and done, it is the guests who are at the receiving end, enjoying the fair. Weddings today are not only an auspicious ceremony of the coming together of two individuals but also paparazzi of sorts.

Riya Chakravati