The Bleeding City

The recent blasts that triggered off in the pink city caused it to bleed red. A series of nine blasts occurred in a span of 11 minutes leaving scars that can perhaps never be healed again. The blasts have done enough to prove that the terrorists have now become fearless or how raffish the intelligence forces have become to overlook the obvious signs of a terrorist strike. Those blasts have set a fear inside people’s mind which may get more insignificant with time but will leave a gory mark in the heart of the city forever.

The nine blasts that went off in a busy market area happened to have a lot of temples. It was a busy time of day considering the temple proceedings, due to which the crowd fell an easy prey for a blast. The bomb contained around a kilogram of some explosive with sharp nails which were used with an intention to maximize the killings. Nobody could have imagined that terrorists would put those boxes containing bombs on cycles which appear an utmost common site, thus fooling the public.

I belong to that city and the feeling of belonging to that city has always been come with a sense of safety from big security issues. The city has always provided a peaceful and carefree life to its residents along with other historical and famous monuments and scenic pleasures that this place has to offer. This city is a haven for tourists but this city fell prey to its own popularity. The tourist influx being a main reason for targeting it.

The aftermath of those blasts could have even let to another bloodbath as there was a grave danger of communal riots breaking out as outrageous comments from political leaders and some narrow minded people were aired. However, the people put up a brave front even as the toll reached upto 70 and about 250 were injured. These figures would have had skyrocketed if the people would not have been all out for help and blood donation. Even with a constant fear of bomb blasts, the people rushed to hospitals to donate blood and provide aid to the injured. Though the following two days were curfew–restricted, whenever people got a chance they went out to indicate normalcy. Thanks to the undying spirit and courage of the people, once again things are getting back to normal with a hope that whatever happened never happens.

The important thing is, no matter how bitter the things have been,  we should learn to let go of the past and recognize that everyday cannot be sunny as the previous. Many a times we find ourselves lost in darkness and constant fear and thinking that there is nothing we can do. However, we should remember that only in darkness of night we see the glitter of stars, with this very hope, the people of Jaipur live on wishing that their spirits are not put to test in that manner again, and no city bleeds red ever again.

Ajeet Shekhawat

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