The Blogger of the Week – Miss Malini!

Our Blogger of the Week is a Radio DJ, Party Animal and Mumbai’s Gossip Girl, she is a constant source of interesting information buzzing in and around the city. an avif blogger, this Mumbaikar even writes for Mid-Day and is followed religiously by over 10,000 people across the Social Media. Know more about her and her Blog in an exclusive conversation with The Viewspaper.

Q) When and how were you introduced to Blogging?

I started blogging on a whim back in 2008 when my friend Karan Wadhera suggested I start a blog along the lines of, the rest as they say is history and since February 2011 I quit my job at Channel [V] as digital content head to do this full time! And now itโ€™s off to the moon ๐Ÿ™‚

Q) What drove you towards blogging about your Genre?

I love Bollywood, Bombay and Nightlife. Plus I really love to write. So a combination of these four is just perfect for me. I blog about all things current in the world of Bollywood celebrities, entertainment, fashion, nightlife, food, travel etc and since I’ve been on Radio as a DJ and written a gossip column in the Mid Day for 8 years, I’ve built a pretty solid network in this city which allows me to post the most fresh, most unique and relevant content on a daily basis!

Q) What does Blogging mean to you โ€“ Hobby, Passion or Business?

Blogging started as a Hobby, quickly became a passion and is now the best business in the world for me! I love my Job ๐Ÿ™‚

Q) What other assets does your professional life enlists, apart from blogging?

I love meeting people, so I started a social network called Friday Club 7 years ago (which is still going strong) and allows people in Mumbai (and across several chapters around the world) to meet like-minded people on a regular basis and almost instantaneously find an active social life in a new city. In addition, I’m a country host for a similar network known as French Tuesdays which hosts high end soirees one Tuesday a month across various cities in the world. I still host a Radio Show for Shoppers Stop’s in-store Radio Station and freelance it as an Emcee and Voice-Over Artist.

Q) What do you think attracts people to your Blog?

I think my tone of voice, integrity and style attracts people to my blog. I try to blog in a way that makes reading look like hanging out with me and doing all the fun things I do (albeit virtually!)

Q) Do you think Blogging enables you to reach the right Target Group for your content?

I think my target group has been looking for a blog or outlet of this nature for some time, someone with a distinct voice and opinion who they can relate to. So itโ€™s great that I found them and they found me ๐Ÿ™‚

Q) What has been the best part of your journey as a Blogger?

The best part is the enthusiasm with which people interact and the amazing feeling I get when someone compliments my blog, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that! Also I really do LOVE blogging so it’s a win winwin situation!

Q) Do you have any personal favorites in the Blogosphere?

I’m an Internet Junkie but these days I spend most of my time blogging and a lot less reading other blogs, some of my favorites are still Post Secrets and Cool Hunter, which I go to regularly.

Q) Where do you see your Blog 5 years down the line?

Wait and watch ๐Ÿ™‚

Q) Any โ€˜Guru Mantraโ€™ for the ones new to blogging?

Blog about what you know and what you love, it shows. Be proud of it, if you’re proud you’ll take the time to check your spelling and punctuation!

Miss Malini blogs at

Compiled by Garima Obrah