The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne IdentityFasten your seatbelts; the ride of the year is here -the Final installment in the Bourne series -Bourne Ultimatum. The movie which is loosely based on the book by Robert Ludlum by the same name stars the very talented Matt Damon, reprising his role as the Insomniac Super Agent Jason Bourne. It also stars Julia Styles as Nicky Parsons and Joan Allen as Pamela Landy who are the key players in this conspiracy drama.

‘Bourne Ultimatum’ has the same pace as its predecessor but the thrills increase with every passing minute. It brings out the more humane side of Jason Bourne, as we travel with him to the most beautiful and dangerous places across Europe. Each part in the story is expertly crafted and pulls at the viewer’s heart strings, as well as forces them to use each and every grey cell as they play ‘connect the dots’ with Bourne. The screenplay makes one crave for vengeance and closure with the same intensity as Jason Bourne.

The movie starts where its predecessor left off, on the icy streets of Moscow. Bourne limping, coming out of a harrowing and exciting car chase, is trying to elude the Russian police. Right from the start the movie gives us a hint of what is to come- severe and very painful back flashes with glimpses into the past of the mysterious man.

In London a British investigative reporter, Simon Ross is working on a story where he attempts to uncover a covert CIA operation code named Black briar, upgraded from Project Treadstone involving Jason Bourne. Unknown to him, he is ruffling a few very important feathers in the CIA. The mission is so sensitive that it compels people to panic and tap his cell phone and is put under surveillance bossed by a deep under cover CIA base in New York.

Jason Bourne mean while in search for his identity is drawn to Ross for answers, what then happens is a game of cat and mouse which can give the James Bonds and Xander Xages a run for their money; using nothing but his intelligence and instinct Bourne manages to dodge the extensive surveillance team monitoring them through satellites. He does get a few words with Ross not before he is sniped by an assassin in the middle of a bustling London station. He then takes the contents of his bag to reach the source of Ross’s stories.

Bourne makes Herculean efforts to battle one obstacle after another, ridden with guilt of a dead wife; slowly unraveling his true identity.Dry and sometimes sarcastic humour along with some very slick action sequences add to the thrill of the movie. The best part of the movie inarguably is a jaw dropping sequence across the rooftops of Tangier where he fights time and one of the most dangerous assassins in the world to save the life of the only person, who holds the key to his past.

The background score is by John Powell and the movie sound track is by Moby, setting the mood for sanity in the insane world of Jason Bourne. The movie will keep you at the edge of your seat till the credits start rolling in, while you struggle to come to terms with Jason Bourne’s true identity. If you are not gasping for breath you are wiping the sweat off your palms.

Bourne Identity is, thankfully, devoid of corny dialogues and cheesy love scenes. The movie stands on its own merit and a brilliant screenplay.!The director who gave us one of the best thrillers ever- United 93, Greengrass, uses the storyline to create a unique niche, the movie has a madness of an action flick and the sensibilities of a drama, the movie is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

Patanjali Pahwa