The BPO Blast

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is India’s hottest career option that is flooding the Indian job market with substantially paid jobs for the Indian youth. BPO is the process by which foreign companies hire national youth to carry out their internal company activities. These companies are majorly telecommunication or IT based that outsource their ‘non-core’ to an organization in any developing country thereby providing with lucrative job options to the nationality. These non-core activities includes outsourcing of a foreign organization’s customer services, technical support services, telemarketing services, Insurance activities, data-entry jobs, Web research etc.

India is playing a center stage for these offshore business concerns because of English being a well conversant language among the Indian’s. Thanks to the English colonialism in India (At least it helped in the spread of one of the most important internationally communicated language in our Motherland.) that most the educated population of Indian are brilliant with the English language. This has availed our country with these well paid BPO opportunities thereby, accelerating India to draw large portion of International money in our own land. This day India has become the most favourite BPO destination of the world. It nurtures great pride to exhibit that India is the homeland to a large number of skilled human resources. Indian youth is displaying major success in the BPO world because of their proficiency in English, sound technical knowledge and flexibility to assiduously work for any time zone. This has made the BPO business in India lucrative and the BPO functioning cost effective. India provides with the maximum number of graduates every year and the work force agree to work at a much lower wage rate as compared to the developed countries. Hence it is advantageous for the offshore business concerns to outsource some of their activities to India.

According to Nasscom’s report, the important BPO’s of India include Wipro, WNS, HCL Technology, IBM Daksh, EXL services, Intelenet, ICICI One source, GTL, 24/7, Hinduja TMT, Intelenet Global etc. These companies have become a great source on revenue through various forms of taxations for the Indian Government.

To talk about the Indian youth working for these BPO’s… Due to the variation in time zone these companies appoint only those individuals who are flexible with the time modifications. These BPO’s, especially the telesales call centers recruits not only graduates but also undergraduates and college goers. It has become the hottest part time job opportunity for the college goers. With eyes dozing off, headsets fixed to their ears, placing phone calls to the foreign lands with fake foreign names that’s the story of millions of Indian youth today. There is no doubt that the call centre employees get astounding pay hikes but it is also a fact that this is a cause of ruin for numerous individuals as with the increase in the disposable income of these youth they tend to adopt the foreign culture thereby frequenting their visits to disco’s and night clubs and over consumption of external food and liquor. However this is again an individual’s decision to adopt the western culture along with its cons or to stick to their homeland and accept the pro’s only of the foreign culture.

It is factual that with the increase in job opportunities, the average Indian youth has become more confident, outward looking, liberal and diligent. There are numerous reasons to rejoice over the advent of BPO’s in India as this is the source of booming revenue in the Indian sectors. India has a potential to reach £50 dollar billion through the BPO sector. With this extensive source of income through BPO’s, India has firecrackers roaring across.

Upasana Mallick

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