The Brand Factor

In an era of commercialization, the trend is catching up fast where each company or endorsement has its own jingles. On these lines, nothing can be a better example than the giant telecom companies with their plethora of networks and umpteen subscribers. Airtel-”Aisi azaadi aur kahan”, Reliance-”Karlo duniya mutthi mein”, Idea-”What an idea sirjee ” to name just a few.

Well, these companies, they assign these brands to themselves. In actuality, it defines their identity at the market front. Just one of those catchy lines and the customers go rushing to them. And not to mention the advertising antics where they leave no stone unturned to design all those flashy and eye catching ads. Also those well thought of jingles with the tangy tunes are inclined to make you sway to their rhythm.

However the essence of the advertising power or publicity of these brands lies in that single line through which the central theme or message endorsing the product they are advertising is conveyed. And needless to say, this line should be such that as soon as it reaches your ears, you should jump up from your place…

So much for these companies. On closer inspection, isn’t it possible for people too, to design a brand for themselves? From that, I don’t mean to say that you should write a cheesy line and go on displaying a hoarding of it!

This brand you create for yourself should be invisible. Only such that it may be felt by the other people around you. A sense of power, of individuality that always reigns around you, yet is unspoken. Somewhat like one of those ‘avatars’ you can choose from or even create one of your own on the numerous chatting sites.

Obviously, it takes some time to mould this so called brand of your own. As you see, you ought to craft one for yourself, yet at the same time try not to seem as if you are trying too hard to shape it up. It should appear to be an unconscious effort on your part, to the social circle you comprise of.

And once you have that brand factor in your kitty, just experience the power that emanates from it and just bask in its glory!

Shujat Ali Khan

The author is a creation of God like all others. With a head and a heart , both of which he likes to use in combination always. He is a freelancer. Deeply into philosophy…human nature baffles yet delights him. He likes to blog, read and  is a travel freak (with an extra dash of adrenaline!). Music is his other greatest passion.

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