The bubble of my dreams

Caged in the bubble of my dreams,

I think I am lost again.
I have hurt myself with the sickle of my expectations,
But there is no physical pain.

Every time I think of raising the bar,
The bubble bursts and leaves me shattered.
Every time I step forward,
I am forced back and left bewildered.
I jump high to catch the plane,
And I am pulled down to feel the pain.

Who pulls me down?
Who forces me back?
It is the blurredness and the lack of vision,
It is the fear, who is my biggest enemy,
And yes it is the lack of motivation.
I am the ugly picture of failure,
following the wind of sorrow and the thunder of emotions.

I am no less than the animals locked in the zoo,
They get up everyday and they have no clue.
They are the entertainers and the main attractions,
Deep inside their heart is lonely and full of expectations.

They want move out and stroll in the jungle,
They have ambitions which can’t be achieved but still they are humble.
So am I, like them in many ways,
I dread myself and other self who is caged.

I have lost the battle for the second time,
I have no more courage to move ahead and climb.
I want my questions to be answered immediately,
I want the door to open so that I can fly and touch the sea.

I do not want their sympathy anymore,
I am not helpless and this disease can be cured.
It is rooted deep inside me,
But still I can’t get solution to set myself free.

I always think that why it is easy for others?
How do they know that what is the right way to earn their bread and butter.
Am I the only one who is caged in that empty enclosure of the zoo?
What should I call myself, a hurt Tigress or a harmless Emu?

Swinder Kaur