The Business School by Robert Kiyosaki

The author Mr. Robert Kiyosaki is a person who claims to have had the privilege to be guided by two dads (so to say)-rich dad and the poor dad and hence the title of his well renowned book –Rich Dad poor Dad. While this book primarily revolves around the simple yet ignorant concept of asset and liability, his latest book-The Business School talks about a concept called SEBI, well not the SEBI we all are aware of (Security Exchange Board of India) but the 4 quadrants or categories people fall into in their endeavor of making money.

The S stands for Self-Employed or the Small Business Owner, whose income revolves around his own small business. While it does give him a sense of ownership, he is the employee cum employer and hence is at the behest of himself.

The E stands for Employees. They are at the behest of the company or the employers. They carry out the daily tasks commanded by the employers and hence make money in the form of pay cheques received from the employers.

In the above two quadrants, people work for money

Now onto B, this stands for Business Owner. He is the employer for his fellow workers. This Concept advocates making money work for you rather than you working for the money, once a successful business is established.

Before unveiling the concept of “I”, there is a mention of the practical statistics of the number of people who constitute each of the quadrants and their share of the money pie.