The Call for Azadi

With the days passing by – the issue which cannot be referred to as the land transfer issue anymore, the issue that has attained demonic and disastrous proportions, that is the Kashmir issue which is not moving towards any kind of a resolution…. The recent days of the turbulence amidst controversy saw the people of the valley infuriated; with immense amount of aggression and wrath, they are now claiming for something that any Indian would dread- a call for a separate state. As a young citizen of the country who would not know much about the detailed history of the state of Kashmir dating back to hundreds of years unless I would do a lot research, the pictures flashing in the newspapers and footage relayed on television come as an extremely stirring shock which simply brutally smashes my nationalistic feelings and induces feelings of despair and darkness.

It seems that the centre has shut its eyes to a colossal impending danger as not even once have I heard, seen or read the Prime Minister or the leader of the ruling party express concern over the issue. With the centre appearing to be paralyzed it seems all the other parties especially the Kashmiri parties have got the opportunity for making use of the right to freedom of expression to the maximum limit and in any which way they desire as the Kashmiri air is getting saturated with crass accusations and allegations. It is disheartening to see how Kashmiri politicians are out rightly supporting the extremists and accusing the military deployed in the region for such an outburst.

To clear this to all, I would say firmly, that the Indian Army is an Indian security force. The number of personnel deployed is the decision taken in accordance to situation in regions. The Indian soldier does not take pride and pleasure in killing people, the people who unfortunately die are during military action and encounters. When the people of the valley, the political parties say that the army has been ruthless and so many people get killed and the like, I wonder that aren’t the Indian jawans who are there safeguarding the International boundary of India away from their kin and ready to lay down their lives for the safety of the people. The people who have any such notion are revealing their utmost disregard and disrespect to the efforts and services that the Indian soldier is giving in the region.

All that we see is National Conference or the PDP leaders concerned about Kashmiri nationalism upholding the prioritizing of the sovereignty of the state at any cost first. Amongst all this hue and cry about Kashmiriyat, the relevance of Indianness has faded away. Expressing support, endorsing and justifying this heinous and radical idea is the most inappropriate thing any political party can do. Upholding this demand for Azadi can be seen in the same light as Talibanization in Afghanistan.
The separatists and the extremists have created the highest state demagogy. With the Hurriyat leaders such as Geelani openly calling out for submergence with Pakistan, under no circumstance will the fire get extinguished in the region. With no backing on economic, social, political ground it is pure Pan-Islamization that the separatists are displaying.

Enormous amount of resources are spent by the government and has been spent since forever for maintaining peace and in the region, so much of constructive energy gets channelized and diverted to the cause of the region’s stability, there should be no way by which the Kashmiris should feel a neglected community.

Throughout this crisis, the people of the valley, the governments of the state and centre have almost forgotten that there exists another region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which has never even got a mention, the region of Leh and Ladakh. There already exists a Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, clarion has been blown for a separate Kashmir, Jammu is at its simmering peak and Ladakh has not received any attention. Are we ready to see four Kashmirs in the future?

Aditya Sinha

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