The Celebration for a Cause!!! Rare Moments in India!

Roads are blocked with people holding anti government banners and fuming the puppets of corruption is a general scene on the roads of India. Who say multi religions are a curse for the country? Who is a Hindu, who is a Muslim, who a Sikh or a Christian, this seems that the whole country has come on a single platform and speaking a common voice. Only one voice remove the corruption bring the Jan lokpal bill in existence. This type of scenes are not common in a country like India whose population is a whooping 121 crs and if people come out together it is either for cricket or a personal cause like reservations etc. The movement which has begun on the principles of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi is slowly and strongly moving towards its conclusion.

India which is regarded as the fastest growing economy after China and is growing at a GDP of over 8% is suffering from a disease known as corruption which has opened its mouth to the dangerous level over the years. The situation is so worsened that from top minister to the bottom chaprasi everybody is corrupt and their demands are increasing every day. For e.g. go to any transport office in any state. People named dalaals are sitting outside that will ease up your job. The license which is made for Rs 350 in Rajasthan is made for over Rs 700. When that dalaal is asked about the matter he says that all slabs are fixed sir. Out of the Rs 350 extra money 250 will be distrusted among the officers and Rs 100 will be his commission. What to say… And the common man has to give it because the people sitting inside have assumed this evil money as their birth right. They say on camera that if u can’t pay us our commissions forget your license and when they are told that a complaint will be lodged they just ignore by saying “mantri ji bhi to khayenge isme se bol do jise bolna hain”.

Now what the common man will do in such a society? The family expenses are continuously on the rise and in such time these bloody people ask for evil money.

From 1990-2010 this menace opened its mouth many times and became the biggest mockery of this world’s largest democracy. Everybody is corrupt and there is no end to the demands. In recent years India had been continuously hit by corruption charges. Some of the big disclosures in last yrs are

2008:- Mr. Madhu Koda (5000 crs)
2010:- Mr. Suresh Kalmadi (30000 crs)
2010: Mr. A Raja (1.76L crs)

Not just, according to World Bank figures 400 L crores black money of India is there in Swiss Bank. Now this is the height of corruption in India. If this money comes back to the country food requirements of the 40 million poor people can be solved for years.

The biggest reason for such a rise in corruption was the unavailability of tough laws and unwillingness to act according to the framed laws. The Lokpal bill framed by the government in 1970’s was brought to the houses 7 times but it failed to get passed. Moreover that Lokpal bill had many deficiencies which were left to save the big fish from being caught. For e.g. to execute charges of corruption on a minister the permission of the prime minister is required and no timeline is defined for the prime minister to act on the request. So this is clear that if the charges are to be framed against a family member then there will always be unwillingness to act on the demand. In the case of A Raja the same story repeated itself. This is very clear to act against somebody, the basic requirements are strong laws which work under a timeline and the cases are not carried away for years, which is usually seen.

Taking all the considerations and requests the anti-corruption movement began which was run by the people, from the people, and to the people. The money was collected from donations and all the work was carried under the leadership of Anna Hazare and the new bill was named as JAN LOKPAL BILL i.e. the bill framed by the people of India with the consent on the governing body in the country and a set of first 5 must demands was laid in front of the government.

1.    Government creates a drafting panel which constitutes equal members from the civil society and equal no. of ministers.
2.    Government must recognize the committee by passing an ordinance.
3.    Government must bring up the bill in the monsoon season
4.    The chairman of the panel must be from the civil bodies
5.    The meetings of the panel must start before 13th May 2011

This is very important to note that without forming such a panel the demands of the public can’t be legally addressed to the government of India.
The JAN LOKPAL BILL that was proposed before the movement began was like:-

•    A central LOKPAL authority will be in place to take all the decisions
•    Lokpal will have to look in the charges and if found guilty one has to be brought behind the bars in 2 yrs time.
•    The entire property of the culprit which had been made by the evil money have to be taken charge by the government
•    Even the prime minister and the entire ministers and members of parliament must come under this law.
•    If the minister is found guilty he will be dismissed from his services immediately.
•    There will a separate court system for corrupt people and the LOKPAL must be given all powers abide laws.

The proposed JAN LOKPAL BILL shows that the chances of one getting let off are very less and will definitely be a milestone in India’s struggle in the biggest movement after independence. One thing is on for sure that the public, the common man is fed up with this whole system. The kind of support that surged in from all parts of India was remarkable. According to media reports more than 60% population of India was with this movement by whatever means be it internet, fasting with Anna, protest rallies, candle marches and no doubt the jantar mantar of Delhi had been converted to Tahrir square with over thousands of people gathered there in support. There was No religion, no age group just all people had one voice
“We are with u Anna!! Go ahead!! We will do or die for our rights!! This is no personal issue this is the issue with the whole society!! And I don’t want my future generations to face this menace as I did!! We hope a better tomorrow and hence we are here to face the heat!!”

I can suggest a step further and this time to the people of India: – Don’t pay any bribe to any person and report your grievances to this anti-corruption movement. Till the time we don’t stand up and protest there can’t be an easy solution to the problem. You may face difficulties but remember if u become a role model today u will be beneficiaries for many others who have to be there in the society…

Such a commitment and anger among the people was never seen among people of India. The feeling from the whole movement was that the people are fed up and want a permanent solution to this problem. The governments who mark their vote banks and divide the people on caste, creed and religions have to understand that even a small spark can fume up their houses to rubbles and they will see it like eye witnesses.

This is people anger and if you don’t pay heed to their demands they will penalize you. The must do for the government is to create a transparent system and mechanism and ensure that the peoples request will be paid heed and a very strong and effective JAN LOKPAL BILL will be drafted with people consent and passed without modifications.

Sudeep Gangal

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