The Change is Within!

It is surprising, how I see people undervaluing themselves immensely, every single day. There are few, and I mean really few who understand their own worth beyond the periphery of immediate friends, family and work. And this negates their ability to contribute positively to the world. An average 25 year old for example, will think about his or her standing at the workplace and friends & family, and those are the only places they believe they have any impact on, or are in anyway responsible for. And that is the greatest reason, I believe that people do not reach their potential, because they do not expand their horizons about their reach.

Each one of us impacts our country, mankind and the entire process of evolution. Whether we realise that or not, is a different matter for consideration. The thing is, when our perspectives are narrowed, so is the scope of our actions in our mind, and this ignorance, leads to an overall negative impact on society. When I link myself only to my work, friends and family, throwing a peace of rubbish right in the middle of the street does not bother me, because I do not realise that I also impact my city, my country and my environment. And this is where we fail, ourselves more than anyone else, because we limit our potential in our own mind, by not looking beyond. In each of us lies the potential to bring about great change, but for that we need to recognise and acknowledge it.

While we all lament the state of our great nation, and criticise it, somehow each of us believe, that we are not part of it, somehow we are just a commentator, watching India from the sidelines. Untrue! Each and every citizen of the country, no matter how big or small is a part of the country and impacts it. It is time that the youth of this great nation, realised this, their potential as individuals to cascade a positive change in the country. One does not need to have rallies, or take to the streets and fight goons, but simple small but firm changes in attitude makes a world of difference. One thing I believe India can really do with today is Indians. How many of you can claim to be an Indian, before being anything else? And if not, why not? Are you not an Indian, isn’t being an Indian a very basic part of your identity?  Call yourself an Indian, to yourself, every morning, and then to anyone who asks you. Say it loudly, repeatedly, clearly and most importantly proudly. And if people don’t understand that, don’t worry, because you know you are doing the right thing.

Think of all of India as your own. Don’t resent your fellow countrymen, for the language they speak or food they eat, because these amazing and vast differences within the country are what make our country so very unique and special. There is not another country in the world, which has as much cultural and lingual diversity as us, while it continues to be one nation. Be proud of it. Our nation will grow, only when our hearts and minds do. Every little act counts, every small gesture matters. And we should never forget that.

Srijanee D’Mello

Someone sure of her values, in a world, where the concept itself has very little meaning. Optimistic, happy and a firm belief in the goodness of mankind, is what takes her forward each day. She truly believes love trumps everything, and every person has goodness in their heart, no matter how well concealed it is. Tried my hand at technology, studied it, worked in the field, and all of it, just made her realize, that her heart lies in humane interactions, in the real world.

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