The Charismatic Cricket

What a poet should expect from its audience is actually quite analogous to what a cricketer should be expecting from its fans. The World Cup is back with a bang bringing the enthusiasm, the indomitable spirit and intense passion for cricket everywhere. The blaring voices in the stadium and the same in the rooms jam-packed with people glued to their TV sets and in and around the electronic shops, on the pavements people persistently eaves-dropping their radio sets, will once again mark a great beginning of The World Cup that is heartily and vigorously awaited by its aficionados.

It’s been 28 years since India won the last cup and this time again hopes and expectations are extremely high.  What simply interests me is that there is something so extraordinary about The World Cup that even if someone is not actually a cricket fan, the Charismatic Cup compels him/her to watch it at least once because it’s simply irresistible. One can sit back home and not have a slight glimpse of World Cup is certainly rare. Call it its charm or anything but yes it definitely makes one forget all the stress one carries back home from the office and lets you immerse in the highly spirited game.

We can’t say what’s in store for the cricketers this year but each time when the world cup takes place it brings with it a wide array of things, from Mandira’s noodle straps to a new World cup number and this time composed by the great trio Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, so this year too the hoi-polloi is looking forward to a whole lot of fun and amazing little things that happen during the entire tournament.

The Indian team players qualified for the final tournament must have been working their guts out so as to finally realize the dream of owning the Cup after a tremendous hiatus of 28 years. But the great strength with which they perform in the field bear testimony to the hard work, dedication and commitment for India which in my opinion is no less than winning The World Cup. I really salute the hard-hitting and invincible spirit of the Indian team which sets an example for the people out there cribbing and whining about their lives unable to cope with themselves and their sodden stress. Just take a leaf out of their book and then will you find answers to your unsolvable questions.

Some words for our beloved Indian Team…..

From the bottom of my heart
I say this part
This World Cup is just
Another game of dart
So hit the bull’s eye
And make us proud
For men in blue
We all love you out loud
This love will never ever subside
And if you lose
We’ll still stand by your side
Show the verve and magic to the world
As we all wish you a very good luck.

Maria Zafar

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