The Compulsive Confessor

“Here I sit, in the almost-morning of December 31, not sleepy, not quite wide awake. The end of 2004. Year ends are always so inexplicably sad, like the ends of relationships, or like slowly realising that time, no matter how hard you try, doesn’t stand still.

Another reason the end of the year is so sad is because, if like me, you look back at the 365 days you had to live and to be alive, and you wonder how many of those you spent in just mind-numbing zombification, you realise that as far as the world goes, you’re just another insignificant piece of dust whose living or dying isn’t really going to make much difference in the larger scheme of things.”

What you just finished reading is an introduction to the entry “Thoughts at Midnight”; a post on a blog called ‘The Compulsive Confessor’ and by an author who in her own words is “a twentysomething, single, female, writer, with large groups of friends and who goes out for drinks pretty regularly.”

Don’t rake your poor brain cells on why a blog titled what it is should be worth making news. For the unawares, this little Miss blogger has published a book and most reviewers see that book as an extension of her blog. The book is called You Are Here and to whet your curiosity, the author is Meenakshi Reddy Mahadevan. What is interesting is that while her blog has been quite a hit for some time, the book received mixed reviews. While some critics completely ruled out her apparent ingenuity, some appreciated her boldness. It is not something absolutely fresh in terms of ideas or writing – her style is ‘blunt’. In fact, if one happens to take a look at the blog, one might find is something similar to Sex and the City or Single in the City. I admit that there is a bit of sprinkling of new styles in some places, but it is not enough to make the cocktail called The Compulsive Confessor altogether appetizing. And yet the fact remains that 30,000 copies of her work were sold in the recently held Book Fair at Delhi.

Miss Mahadevan believes in the philosophy of keeping journals (as quoted by her—like an Anne frank diary), so that people can remember one’s lifetime. This is why she was in the habit of writing diaries. But boredom soon took upon her charm and it was then she discovered the world of blogging. Knowing very well that it could not remain as personal as her diaries had been, she began to express a little differently and suitable stitches in her versions were made as often as they were required.

Her blog became popular and it was after reading her blog posts that a famous publishing house contacted her asking if she had been working on a book on the same line of thought. Strange are the ways of life and yes that sincere question popped out of mere curiosity on part of the publisher made this young lady think. And she began writing. Rumour has it that after the publishers approached her, she took merely two weeks to come up with a beginning.

The blog is true to its school; it is just a bit more than a personal diary. So what we see is a glimpse of urbane lifestyle through a girl or rather a young lady’s eyes. I am sure the readers must be wondering why, then, the blog is such a hit. Is it because she is a single lady? Perhaps that is the one and the only reason. Had it been a man instead, the blog would have remained just another blog. However, the author’s sex and her boldness, her truthfulness, her attitude towards relationships and her ability to share it, is what makes the blog sell.

Well she seems to be feeding minds yearning for change and variety, filling up voids in a very conventional sense and would probably end up inspiring others to write. If nothing else, that atleast is some consolation. So while her blog popularity competes with that of other celebrities, you and I should try and think of changing things for real and let the Compulsive Confessor do what she is best at – making confessions.
Meghna Baveja

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