The Curious Case Of B

When the Delhi High Court decriminalised Section 377, the LGBT community, happiness was comparable to that Rani Mukherji would feel after delivering a blockbuster in what we hope, a not-so-distant future. Completely relieved and getting something that they truly deserve. It’s not even a year since the event, and various articles have been written about it. What is really funny is that the articles revolve around gays, lesbians and transgender. It’s always about their emotions, their problems, their stories, their ideas, dreams, aspirations, etc. It is really comforting to know that not only the community, but also writers are coming out of the closet, writing exclusively about LGBT, associating themselves with such a sensitive issue without the fear of not-so-pleasant consequences thanks to our community, who still are sleeping in the last century, and believe that anybody related to the ‘queer’ community in any way is not straight.

But go ahead and read the above paragraph again. And if you have the observing qualities, characteristic of a Gemini, you’ll find that something is missing. The ‘B’ from the LGBT has not been mentioned anywhere. Neither in the above paragraph nor in the numerous articles mentioned above. The only place where they are acknowledged is the ‘B’ of the LGBT. Bisexuals, people who are sexually attracted to people of the opposite as well as their own gender. It is interesting to know that the biggest fraction of the LGBT community is sectionalised not only by the public in general, but also by the LGT. Just like Himesh Reshamiya’s songs, everybody loves to hate them.

Bisexuals are treated very sceptically by homosexuals as they think that they have an easier life as compared to theirs. And a bisexual who is open about his sexuality is scorned by the straights because they are too narrow-minded to spot the difference, where bisexuals are equal to gays according to them. So either way they are just like the bats, which were neither taken by the animals nor by the birds. The major difference is that unlike bats, the bisexuals did not keep shifting to the winning sides. The similarity: just like bats, they are totally hidden.

The angst against them by the straights is understandable (in the sense that they dislike the LGBT community in general), but what is surprising is the hostility displayed by the homosexuals towards them. Profiles on gay-dating sites have clear messages on them: no bisexuals allowed. It’s hypocritical that at one side the homosexuals have problems with section 377, and on the other side they treat the bisexuals the same way as any straight person would treat them.

It’s true that compared to a homosexual; a bisexual has a less-tumultuous life. Less-tumultuous, but nevertheless, tumultuous. Most of them cannot date fellow homosexuals as they are generally avoided and at the same time they cannot come out of the closet, fearing to be treated in the same way by their family and friends. And then there is the general confusion between bisexuals and those who have sexual intercourse with the same sex.

A bisexual can genuinely love and be like a normal couple with another one of their own sex. Whereas those indulging in m2m or f2f (go to any of those GPRS portals and you’ll find them swarming all over the place) are usually there for one-night stands, and if you are lucky, it may extend to ‘friends with benefits’, but a full-blown relationship, I just saw a pig fly out of the window.

Bisexuals are people too, with real, heartfelt emotions. They feel the pangs of rejection equally as those felt by homosexuals. To treat them differently just because they are attracted to the people of both the sexes, is not only barbaric to their feelings, but is also a message to the world that we are living in the last century, and please do not trouble us by shoving the truth right on our face. And this plea is not just to the straights but to the whole community in general, which includes the LGT.

Discriminate against them, and soon you might be discriminating against your sibling, friend, child or even your spouse. It is completely healthy for a bisexual to be in a straight relationship and trust me; you would not be haunted by nightmares of them having illicit affairs. My best friend is bisexual and he is the most perfect person I’ve ever known (and I said perfect, not flawless). He is engaged to a wonderful girl with stunning looks and I hope they have a fairytale-romance.

So just calm down, take a chill pill. If you don’t have one, I’ll send it over. Remember, bisexuality is not a disease; it’s just a way of life. It’s god’s gift to those who have the ability to love twice the amount than a normal human would. So if your date turns out to be bisexual, rather than freaking out, just untap that extra love for yourself. Who knows, I might be writing about your love story in the future.

Anudrutta Fouzdar

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