The Curious Case Of Crashes And Casualties

Gone With the wind (1)

Where do they go? How do they disappear? Do they unexpectedly go off the radar or see it coming, right before their terrified eyes? Such questions have left scientists across the world bamboozled and stumped for a very long time. There exists, on the face of earth, what is known as the Bermuda Triangle. Also called the Devil’s Triangle, this region with vertices in Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, has been the nucleus of mysterious and inexplicable disappearances of aircrafts and ships. The ones that disappear are seldom known to reappear, and the ones that do, surface wrecked. It is said that passengers aboard dissipate into thin air, as if they have traversed oblivion and have landed themselves in another dimension or space time.

Closer home, a series of mysterious aircraft disappearances – that were later found to have crashed – have troubled many minds. A Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH370 that was Beijing-bound went missing on March 8, 2014. It was ferrying as many as 227 international passengers. The aircraft went off the radar after it lost contact with the air traffic control staff. A section of its wing was found months later, confirming a crash and loss of several lives.


On the morning of February 24, 2016, a Tara Air Twin-Otter aircraft crashed with 23 passengers on board. Before the crash, the plane that was flying from Pokhara in Nepal had purportedly gone “missing” eight minutes after taking off. Among the dead, are two children, 18 Nepalese citizens and two foreigners. The plane is said to have got caught in turbulent weather.

In today’s age and time, when technology is answering almost everything, the world is witnessing such bewildering accidents. How is it that aircrafts of late, are disappearing from the radar before crashing? How is technology not able to monitor something as huge as an airplane? Is the earth an impish monster that is gobbling down aircrafts and ships, so much that there is no knowing where their remnants lay? Surely, there remain questions unreturned and mysteries unsolved. But are these beyond the understanding of technical expertise and science?

Prerna Mittra

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