The Cursing Power Of Words


Writers, all around the globe have always maintained the importance of words, and upheld the secret vow that we make while writing something. Whenever writing something, it has always been important to uphold facts and to not indulge in plagiarism, because words are the only medium that can convey the thoughts, various perceptions, or the honesty of a lie to many around. After all,

A drop of ink may make a million think.

Words are a risky business, they can be interpreted in million ways, they can be attuned to every mind set, they can be twisted maliciously, or they can be used to fight injustices. The mantle of words is as paramount as it is underrated. With great power comes great responsibility, and for all those who know the importance of words, also know that the power is everything but not understated.

However, there are many who are either imbecile when it comes to the apt usage of words, or are twisted in their character to use it too much; by aiming for the betterment of self by ridiculing others, by spreading maliciousness and doubt, by just not being responsible enough.

Wherein the entire country is lauding the acts of our government to carry out surgical strike against terrorist camps and not just against Pakistan, there are many like Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Nirupam who are questioning the authenticity of the act, and are demanding proofs for the same.

These are the instances wherein one can question the right to voice out expression. How free is freedom actually? Can it be still called freedom of expression when one is propagating hate and doubt? Should someone question it? How fair is it to make a political move or gimmick out of an act that was instituted in national security?

With one such question, though the popularity of Kejriwal with Indians might have faltered, he has managed to acquire a strong fan base in Pakistan, wherein #PakStandsWithKejri was trending tremendously.

Moving on from Kejriwal who is infamous for his unabashed tweets and remarks, we move forth towards another leader who has had a history of saying things tactlessly. In new twisted events, Rahul Gandhi has accused Narendra Modi for pandering blood of our brave soldiers and hiding behind them, so as to solidify his political stance. He supported our Prime Minister over the surgical strike, but what he condemns quite ferociously is the politicisation of such an act.

It isn’t hard to notice the respectful silence that has been maintained by our Prime Minister over the act. No comments have been put forth by him personally advocating or taking the credit that is rightfully attuned to the Army. He has condemned the over-zealous excitement of his party members over such a task, and has asked them to move forward from the strike and indulge in other activities.

Rahul Gandhi’s comment comes when posters put by his party in Uttar Pradesh present him and the Defence Minister as heroic figures. Though, Amit Shah has thwarted the occurrence of politicisation of strikes and has mentioned that such an act does not reflect the thinking of top leadership.

Such comments clearly draw away the attention of what was actually heroic, towards the flaky and destabilised political scenario. The Opposition is equally responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of the country as the Ruling party is. They have to ensure that the Government does not take any steps, which might have negative implications on the people of the country.

Criticizing over the acts of the government and wanting proofs for their acts, fails to act in the best interests of the society, not everything can be politicized and cannot be looked as an opportunity to gain attention by questioning others.

Isn’t Rahul Gandhi who is politicizing the entire event to suit his purposes, the way he has claimed BJP to? Can people get bigotry much?

One must realize that words are nothing but windows to our thoughts; their spiteful attribute conveys nothing but a nasty personality. Let us learn to value them than use them as a degrading factor. Let us finally evolve and get over the petty schemes employed by us to gain power. Let us stop using words to convey our malicious deeds.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper