A huge chain of schools across the country are famous wide over for the stupendous quality of students they prepare year after year. There is a huge array of distinguished alumni produced especially by private and convent schools. It is not the glory of our Indian schools that I wish to submit in this article, but to find out the black, white & grey areas of the Indian Education System.

It wasn’t long back when I passed out of school & I still remember the technique of learning which most of us adopted that was learning by rote. I still remember the words of my mom that “Book worms bag the “A” grade & consequently the “Best Student” award. This is the very old & highly doctrine “Cut & Paste Approach”, a source of envy and amaze for countries like Japan & US. There isn’t a flaw with this technique so far as subjects like History, Laws, Science and Technology etc are considered. In these subjects the facts need to got straight and any deviation would mean a blunder. But certainly there are intricate details & concepts that need to be understood & which doesn’t merely come by rote. At school, I was always afraid of History, since the method of explanation( with due respect to my teachers) was to read the chapter once, twice,….until we got the facts to our brain. This information got stored only in the temporary memory. But when I visited the Mughal monuments actually, it had an amazing impact on me about the change of perception towards the subject. I actually developed fondness for the subject and started enjoying it. As said in Confucian sense, “I see, I remember”.

Thus, the Indian Education System should incorporate not just the “rote ritual” but also incorporate practical approach in its methodology. The Western model cannot be xeroxed but still provides us a project based learning system. The deep insights of a thriving culture can be understood in its truest sense only when we incorporate an elitist approach towards the subject. Our educational infrastructure in that sense lacks the resources as well as a huge artillery of men & women to be working towards it.

Reaching out to all the parts of the country irrespective of their accessibility is the need of the hour. Though the ” CUT & PASTE ” approach has indeed added to the beautiful feathers in the cap of the nation .But still to live up to the dream of a developed country whose education system is at par with the rest of the world, we need to make heightened efforts by providing better accessibility to modern age technologies like the internet to all the schools.

Akriti Rastogi

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