The Daggers are Drawn

With the act in place for Obama to plunge into a face off with Mc Cain, the five month long campaign season for the run to the White House promises to be something never witnessed before. This time, neither a sitting President nor a Vice President is running for the highest office and interestingly, this year around a senator will assume the office of the First Man.

Besides, US has braced up for its tryst with history as election of either of the presidential rivals create the oldest first-term president in Mc Cain or the first black president in Obama.

Meanwhile, the robust race between Hillary and Obama to clinch the Party ticket ensured that millions of first time voters were inspired to take part in the election process. And this bid for the Democratic nomination has too been historic in many ways. With a clear distinction in what the two proposed to offer to the nation, they ran a terrific race – high on energy and an unparallel rhetoric. While Hillary vouched for visionary leadership along with an upfront control and guidance of bureaucracy, Obama stood for unflinching standards in the discharge of functions in capacity of the chief executive.

Going back to the novelty of this election, the prototype (going by which) the Democratic Party put up its candidates for the presidential nomination has also brought to the fore issues of race and gender which are throbbing in the US today.

It is quite intriguing though that despite Hillary entering the Presidential race as a hot favorite, the African-American senator (Obama) has been one up in charming the crowds. He seems to have inspired Americans and urged many to come forward and get involved. With his resounding philosophy of leadership which reinforces providing vision and judgement, he has succeeded in gathering the requisite majority of Party delegates against former first lady, Hillary Clinton.

But now as the daggers will be drawn between John Mc Cain and Barrack Obama, it will be interesting to watch the clash of “opposites” in every sense of the term. The “contrasts’ literally in matters of age and race will be vieing for the premier office in the backdrop of a flimsy economy, an on-going Iraq war and other issues of social enlistment. Both are possibly the most contrasting personas but there is a clever commonality between the two. It is going to be an amusing contest as “for them (the Republicans) to attack Mr. Obama would be to say the core Republican belief has been a lie” (The Hindu, June 5) because Obama is the epitome of everything that symbolizes the Republican objective theory of a united progress which dismantles racial divides.

So the stage is set for a historic Presidential election in the US. Till the curtains will be dropped in November – let us hope to see the best at their best.

Vasundhara Sud

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