The Degrading Perception…

People face different kind of fears in life, some are afraid of closed spaces, some of water, some of fire, some of darkness, some of violence etc. They search for different ways to get rid of their respective fears. But there is one fear that is common among every person andthat is the fear of death and departure from and of loved ones. The fear of losing your loved ones is a feeling that quantifies with the increase in a person’s age.The distance between the older and the younger generation is gapping up every single day and the former ones are suffering hard. Old age homes are increasing with an unimaginable rate in the country owing to people’s ignorance towards their blood relations. The aged ones are suffering from depression, malnutrition and in some cases abuse also. The reader may find this topic very talked about and common, but some aspects of this may be unfolded by my effort.

It seems well understood that the times are gone when our creators on earth, ‘Parents’ were treated like God. In the recent time, following up so many cases, I have lost faith on my generation. And when I see my own parents getting scared of this entire trauma, I assure them that nothing like this will happen to them ever. But somewhere inside my heart I know that they are not wrong. This is what they see everywhere around and such nightmarish thoughts are obvious to haunt them. Talking about both the sides, it is understandable that the young generation has much more work; they confront very hectic schedulesevery day. But the point is that what kind of a solution is running away from responsibilities and dumping your parents at old age homes?
How can people so conveniently forget the endless sacrifices their parents made for them without asking anything in return? And now, when they are at the last step of this unfair life, when their own body and brain is not supportive, they just demand a little care and affection, but they suffer from children’s disregard. Due to adjustment problems, parents are been treated like some cursed liability.

I hope you are not one amongst the heartless people I am talking about and if you are, then please remember. You will have kids too and what you did will surely come back to you. Look in for the child inside you, who will definitely remind you of your roots and existence. It is high time, Wake up.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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