The Devil That Dares: Here’s Why Delhi Is Going To Shine This IPL


Rahul Dravid is a magnificent mentor. He is not quintessentially a talkative person, which is why you do not know what the genius is thinking, sitting in the dugout. When he was inducted in the franchise, Dravid hoped to help Delhi redeem its lost glory, considering its previous seasons have been beyond abysmal.

On April 23, when Delhi clinched a teetering victory (quite effortlessly towards the end), the man behind the act was seen pumping his fist in excitement. There was a constant calm on his face that paved way to sheer rapture post the victory. And why would it not? Delhi had outmanoeuvred the mighty Mumbai Indians – that has pompous and celebrated names like Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar in its camp.

It can be effectively said that the Rahul Dravid-Paddy Upton partnership has cast a wonderful spell on the team. It is working wonders, as Delhi is slowly-but-steadily emerging as a potential threat, and Rahul Dravid is the genii.


And this is why we think the Daredevils have a chance to seal the IPL trophy this season. The team – that has no big names – is looking lethally promising. With every game, it is drawing itself closer to the top. There of course are, some shortcomings and a lot of loose ends that need to be fixed. But the team that has bounteous raw talent, is blessed to have a mentor obsessed with finesse.

Dravid is a man who gets drawn to naïveté. He enjoys moulding youngsters because the man of class understands the game. He is the reason youngsters across India are gravitating towards the game.

This man trusts his hunch and he has a superb record on display. For all the seasons that he has actively involved himself in the IPL auctions, Dravid has brought out the novice. He has then sculpted players to the best of their abilities – and the end result is a carved dexterity.

Under his tutelage, we saw powerhouses like Pravin Tambe (who debuted at the age of 41) and Sanju Samson blossom. Trust the Wall because in his new capacity as a DD mentor, the team is only going to soar. Currently at number three, the team has been progressing well and there is still a long road ahead.

But Delhi Daredevils can rest assured the astute veteran cricketer will invest every faculty and put his strategic acumen to good use. The team is only going ahead with better days, we trust.

Prerna Mittra

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