The Digital Short Cut For Fame, Success And Of Course, Reality

#InRealWorldWith time, the video sharing brand, YouTube, has moved up from traditional content like movie trailers, movies, music videos and TV shows. In India, this shift began in 2014 when creators in the comedy genre began to emerge on the platform. We had stand-up comedians sharing their events on the platform, garnering more audience for their act, with the by-product of entertaining millions. Now, web series seems to be the vehicle that is bringing a community of creators together and adding to YouTube India’s revenues.

2016, has proved to be the year, wherein a lot of channels like Y-films, TVF have emerged, and how. Every day, instead of binge-watching on international series, people of our country have taken an apparent liking to mini web-series that somehow caters to the much digitalized youth population of our country. Video consumption patterns have changed, and the audience is enthralled with the new fresh content that such channels never fail to provide.

There’s lot more to YouTube than just movie trailers, celebrities wardrobe malfunction, and the funniest videos. Genres like beauty and fashion, comedy and entertainment, food, technology, independent music and regional language content are growing fast in terms of ‘watch time’. YouTube is catering to everyone, and has developed into more of an interactive platform than mere watching one.

We have moved on from Ekta Kapoor days, and now we are evolving towards series that are much more believable and has a real perspective than the overly dramatic ones. Even Sasural Simar Ka, doesn’t entice the youth of the country anymore. The idiot box has lost its charm when it comes to internet.

While India’s many film and television industries still cater to conservative tastes and censors, the country’s online creators are free to change the game however they please. As a result, some of the most progressive watchable stories in the country are free, snackable, and available to everyone with an internet connection. The web shows below explore topics as varied as premarital cohabitation, gay rights, and city’s burgeoning hip-hop culture, or maybe just a life of a teenager or life with roommates.

The sense of relatability is much, and hence, the explained expansion and growth in the dimension of web-series in India. Such series aren’t even devoid of famous faces and recurrent celebrity appearances.

Series like Permanent Roommates, Bang Baaja Baarat, Ladies’ Room, In A Man’s World, Tripling, Pitchers, Girl In The City, Every Indian Husband, are some of the series that gained immense popularity with its content amongst the audience.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, easily procurable video equipment and access herewith unseen, the low budget web series has become very effective in introducing the talent pool in our country. Young, creative, like minded individuals collaborate and ideate shows and programs that till now would not have found an audience on TV or otherwise, because of its sensationalist and ground-breaking depiction of reality.

And for all we know and have reluctantly seen, TV is nothing about reality, and anything even in close relation with the real world is demolished with something as accepting as some naagin or a ghost.

Yugansha Malhotra

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