The Dirty Game of Politics

The Road to Rashtrapati Bhawan.
July 21 was not an ordinary day. It possessed the answers to the two most widely awaited mysteries of recent times. One was the fate of Harry Potter’s life in the seventh & the final of the Harry Potter series books. Fans were more than desperate to grab the initial copies of J.K Rowling’s tale of the fictional magic world.

The second was the fate of India’s 12th presidential elections.Quite obviously, the second mystery was much easier to crack. Thanks to UPA & Left’s unfailing trust in Madame Pratibha’s abilities despite all the allegations levied against her, Pratibha Patil became the first woman President of the country. The margin of her victory, an astounding 3 lakh 6 thousands can send any opposition in a tizzy.

BJP has its own share of worries now. Shiv Sena’s change of heart to go for sect (Pratibha is also a Marathi) despite being one of the original allies of BJP & then the Third Front’s decision to abstain from voting are reasons enough for BJP to go for some self-introspection.However, this is not the real issue. From the very beginning this has been termed as one of the “dirtiest” & “most bitterly” fought Presidential elections. Never before has the pride & self-respect of the contestants been put on stake during the elections. So, Madame Pratibha found herself in the centre of controversy on more than one occasion after her name was announced as the official presidential candidate of UPA & Left.