The Dream Mansion!

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  • The 4,432 square meter plot, over which the Ambani Mansion is spread is located on South Mumbai’s Altamount Road. This plot was originally intended to be used as an orphanage for Muslim Children!
  • It is 27-Storey building, almost 570 feet high! It is priced around $2 billion!
  • The building has been named after a mythical island – Antilia
  • The first six levels of the building are just meant for parking! A mega Garage, where more than 160 cars can be parked has been designed! Above the parking is the lobby which has Nine elevators!
  • The Antilia features some world-class facilities including swimming pools, health clubs and a mini theatre!
  • The ballroom is believed to be a carbon copy of Madarin Inn in New York! There are no two rooms in the house that look similar!
  • The 8th floor houses a mini theatre which has a seating capacity of about 50 people!
  • The family resides in the top floor. So in short, the family of five people occupy 4 Lakh square feet of living space!
  • The house also houses an army of 600 people who maintain the house!
  • It took almost seven years to complete the Ambani’s 27-storey dream mansion!
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