The Dream Ticket?


Awkward. That is what first comes to mind when one thinks of Barack Obama contesting the Presidential elections with Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential candidate. And why wouldn’t we feel awkward? For the past few months, they tried to prove to the Democrat delegates that the other was not competent enough to be President. Yet, now together they are being termed the “Dream Ticket”!

They spent several months underlining exactly why the other doesn’t deserve to live in the White House, fighting against each other almost as fiercely as they would against the Republican nominee John McCain. Yet Democrats seem to be salivating at the prospect of a joint campaign by the two. All that seems to be going through their mind is the fantasy of combining Obama’s and Hillary’s potential vote banks. Have they forgotten that Obama’s campaign is centered around bringing a change to Capitol Hill, which won’t be possible with having a former First Lady in such a prime position in Obama’s camp?

Clinton, on her part, has said she is open to the prospect of running for Vice President. Taking into context her attacks on several of Obama’s future policies, like the health care plan, it sounds like she is willing to help Obama reach the White House since he would be the better of two evils.

Obama’s side is trying to downplay the suggestions that seem to be overshadowing his campaign as the first African American running for President, yet they are being careful with their words just in case Clinton does join them later on. The desperation is apparent on the Democrats side. They know that they are at a disadvantage since all Republicans would rally behind McCain whereas their own supporters may be divided due to loyalties to Clinton. The Dream Ticket seems to be their answer to their troubles, yet would it be sufficient can’t be known until later. Obama and Clinton still haven’t seriously discussed the possibility of a joint ticket, and even if they do go through with it, there won’t be any guarantees of success.

As of now, it all looks awkward.

Raveesh Bhalla

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