The Earth Calls For Help

We laughed with you we had so much fun. We worshiped you for you gave us so much. Time changed and we learned to make funds. Oh! Sorry but you are now our medium of earning.

Are we sure and confident that our misdeeds and injustice will be forgiven by the mother Earth? Surely we will pay and the harsh truth is that we are paying. Recent destruction is only a remainder for us that the future is going to be more frightening and horrifying. Whom should we blame for this? Our ancestors prayed a life form which wasn’t worth it or the generation that still waits to witness the beauty of this planet. Whom to go to?

The answer is just and simple; we are to blame for this. We, who are busy making money, we who are self centered. Nothing is safe, neither the water bodies nor the wild life. Our mother earth is dying as a result of our merciless activities. We all have become numb to reality. We all are so busy today that we forget what our ethics teach us.  On the name of development tress are being cut in huge numbers. It’s sad I am not sure if I can say; to save our planet trees are being planted in huge numbers. With the loss of trees and plants we are also losing our beautiful wild life. Various beautiful creatures like the cheetah have totally vanished from India.

On one hand our modern lifestyle has ruined the water bodies and on the other hand, urbanization and globalization has murdered the wild life. As a result of this rivers are changing their way, some places have flood and the some try to cope with drought.  Indeed, not a very good sign. Changing weather is just one way of telling us we need to correct our mistakes else the result is going to be startling.

Though several efforts are being made to bring alive the greenery, a lot still needs to be done. Many earth organizations have come up to support the cause. Eco friendly paints, homes etc are coming up that is surely a way to go green. Observing earth day is another achievement in awakening the people worldwide to start a wave of change. Only we can help protect our planet, our mother earth. Separate your waste, recycle the papers and bottles, plant a tree. Remember planting a tree might cost a penny but it saves the life of many.  No tree-no oxygen, no oxygen-no life. Ice caps are melting, and I am pretty sure none of us would want to die like those on titanic.

We don’t even need to speak aloud what is to be done. We all know the way all we got to do is take a step today.

Can we???
Can we walk together?
We need to save the world;
Can we take a step forward?
Cause we need to learn.

The world is dying
Its grief can be heard,
The trees are falling
Its sorrows can be seen,
The life is missing
And life feels alone.

Can we walk together?
We need to save the world;
Can we take a step forward?
Cause we need to learn.

Now or never
For today, for tomorrow,
For generation that never saw
For one who deserves life,
For one who made us feel proud
We need to strike
We need to do things fast.

Can we walk together?
We need to save the world;
Can we take a step forward?
Cause we need to learn.

We changed and we changed a lot
We developed and we developed a lot
We’ll suffer and suffer a lot
We’ll learn and learn a lot.

Can we just walk together?
We need to save our earth.