The Elections and the Agrarian Crisis

With the general elections, just round the corner, election fever is at its full peak. The Election Commission, the principal of school of elections provides a long list of do’s and don’ts to the political parties and among those don’ts, one is “not helping the dying farmers of Maharashtra” as our political leaders put it, because it violates the model code of conduct during the elections.Many states in Maharashtra have just received 30% of the average rainfall, and most agricultural lands of the State are dry. Vidarbha has always been the problematic village, infamous for its farmer suicides and lack of irrigation. But this year, many more surrounding villages in Maharashtra have lost their entire crops due to lack of rainfall, they were already witnessing severe shortage early into the summer.


The elections will be happening on the May 16th and before that these farmers will have no respite as the Election Commission says that the poll code of conduct does not allow any political party to interfere with the “humanitarian and emergency relief measures”. Our political parties and their leaders, who will not shudder violating the code of conduct at the drop of a hat, be it to polarise constituencies with hate speeches or give money to poor people to win votes, seem to have taken this seriously. Their negligence can be seen, as farmers are poverty stricken and taking to suicide at an ever increasing rate .The mercury level has already reached 42 degrees Celsius and the land wears a parched look.


The helplessness of the government in conquering this grave problem, before or at the time of the elections is something to ponder about. If these are the political parties that we are voting for, that during or before elections cannot take care of the needs of its people, our trust in the voting and the government is bound to be lost.


I simply don’t comprehend the system, elections are being conducted so that a better party comes into power govern the country well and solve our problems, but to do that, the same people are being neglected.


This shows the hypocrisy of the political leaders, on one side they make tall promises and on the other hand, they shirk from the responsibility of the dying farmers of Vidarbha.


Doesn’t this force you to feel the insignificance of voting? At the end of the day, you have to choose between the devil and the deep sea. All political parties are the same, it’s just their mask that changes.


But all said and done, it is necessary for us to exercise our voting rights. It is important that we use this right to bring about change. Let’s vote for a government that is responsible, accountable and is by the people for the people, to the people.

Surabhi Ghosh

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