The father, the son and the murderer…

Once upon a time there lived a very rich and noble king; who lived in his grand mansion. He loved his subjects very much and loved his children even more. His daughter had been like a mother taking care of him; after his wife passed away she also became his companion adhering to all his little-little needs, listening to him and helping him when the old man needed it. She would bring him fruits and juices every day, look after his schedule and would play the role of a great host for all the courtiers.

This happiness existed only until 21st century came.
We now have in our fairy tale a very rich, noble – I don’t think so and shrewd lawyer. We also have his loving daughter – a hypocrite, and of course to take the family name to another generation a handsome son. Well, not that he was Mr. Goody two-shoes and had no failing; lest should I forget to mention his field of expertise; I may say so that he was a compulsive gambler and addict. He had another quality of being impassive. He charmed the girls and then would discard them pretty easily. That I think did it, no sarcasm, I mean that completed the family tree.

Running on the treadmill of his 21st floor pent house Gilbert Pavlo thought of the preceding hearing. For the first time in his entire career as a lawyer he could not assimilate the reason; why he had agreed to take up that case. He had always debated the pros and cons of all cases before consenting to any terms. He had always enjoyed the advantage of being able to look through a case prior to any commitments. But he had agreed to this one without much deliberation.

He now weighed the consequences of his decision and thought; unlike his true form what had pushed him to accept this case without being too concerned with the legalities involved – whether it was the apprehension of a similar impending future or the intricacies that challenged his way of arguing and being invincible for so many years as a prosecutor or it was the wickedness to bring to trail his own son Julian for certain treacherous acts that had made Pavlos’ firm infamous and had caused infringement of the confidentiality policies.

One day she got a platter full of fruits and a knife. The king rested by the fireplace in his well-cushioned leather chair. The daughter slid the knife across his neck. A shrill sound and then silence prevailed. A stream of red colored liquid ran along the arm of the chair and dropped off the edge.
Julian was put to trail in front of a jury carefully selected by Gilbert, he definitely had to pull some strings to get all this according to his requirement, to win the case.

The charge on Julian was of thieving important documents consulting the firm his father owned. The witness was the sentry and his fathers’ assistant. The prosecutor called to the witness box the sentry.

Prosecutor- Does Mr. Julian came to office on a regular basis?
Sentry – No, he comes rarely but whenever he comes the atmosphere of the office becomes tense.
Prosecutor – Do you think that Mr. Julian embezzled with his fathers’ paper?
Sentry- Sir, I am just a guard I do not know English that good. Can you repeat?
Prosecutor- So how did you communicate with Mr. Julian? You said in your testimony that you heard him saying to someone over the phone that his father will pay the price and he will steal the papers. How did you understand that when you don’t know English?
Sentry- Sir, are you testing my English caliber now? I cannot speak English but I can understand to some extent, I am an English school graduate you see.

The whole courtroom burst out laughing.
Embarrassed Prosecutor asks for lunch break.
In a room Gilbert is sitting; going over the arguments put up by the plaintiff and the defendant. A shadow slides across the window. Gilbert though notices the shadow sliding across the curtain, neglects it.  He fails to recognize the presence of another being in the room which had steadily had moved and was standing very close to Gilberts’ armchair. Gilbert had just a split second, his eyes dilated, his grin disappeared just as a knife ruptured the vein connecting his brain and palpitating heart.

With the death of Gilbert Pavlo the case became null and void. Julian was cleared of all the charges and released with a fine. His death brought about another notable change. The ownership of the firm had passed onto the daughter and the son. Another case had been filed, with the court giving orders for investigation of the murder of the plaintiff suspecting foul play of the defendant.

But Julian had an alibi – The judge, jury and an entire courtroom full of people.  On the other hand Lizzie had none. Could she have killed her father for the sake of ‘lots of money’?

That could be a possibility because he did have a grin and the coroner had found his eyes to be dilated, which could be a reaction only to a known person and she also had a motive – fathers’ estate and firm.

Cherry Agrawal