The Fear of “R”

Hello friends, I am sure that every one of us misses her/his school days a lot. Its quite strange but true that when we were in school then there is an appetite inside us to study in college(however college is not for studies as I think ) but now when we are in college then we are obsessed about our school life. Any way that’s natural and happens with most of us. The most critical moment in any student’s life comes when she/he switches from school to college. The life at this stage changes its status from innocence to maturity (?).

However with the excitement of the debut of the college life (for many of us it is ‘cool age lyf’) certainly there is always a fear too inside us. That fear is no other than the fear of ‘R’(obviously Ragging ). Though ragging is banned legally and college administrations also try at their level best to avoid this worst act, but still fear is there in the corner of everyone’s heart & mind. Today here is the need to understand ‘what is the real meaning of Ragging?’ is it only means to some physical assailments…? or gathering the respect forcefully…? Well from the word ‘gathering respect’ a very nice thought is striking to my mind that respect can never be gathered, it is always earned. I have read a proverb which is written at the main entrance of my college and infact that line I still read once in a day and that is “samman dein samman lein”(Give Respect Get Respect). Though this sentence has only four words of counting but it has very recondite meaning. Seniors should understand the deep meaning of this sentence and that meaning is- if they will start giving to respect their juniors then automatically the scene will be changed and juniors will also start respecting them. Colleges are the sacred places of knowledge and one (junior) should not be afraid to go there. There are no two opinions that more or less ragging is reduced but as I stated before that it is only reduced but not removed completely.

I personally feel that it can’t be removed just by putting some strict laws or heavy fines but actually to an extent it also depends up on the person’s perception and morality because in every college a group of people (well known as “Neta”) is always present who do not take care of such fines and all.…Moreover they do not have a fear of it. Due to such kind of people it is only ‘reduced’ and not ‘removed’ and I think our educational system will get rid from such a heinous act , only when these people (so called Netas) will understand the real meaning of this adage – “samman dein samman lein”.

Before giving an end to my writing I just want to say few lines to all my friends –

Char din ke is jeevan mein,
Chand lamho ki hai yaha mulakat,
Prem aur anand se bite,
Iska har ek din aur raat.

Manish Jain

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