The Fear That Terror Promises

A very good friend of mine stated something which I wouldn’t have approved till recently. At present too, I don’t have the same opinion as he does, yet this time I am forced to listen to him on an issue which I have always felt too strongly about. The issue relates to the present situation of our beloved country. With corrupt governments already proving too heavy on general public, the common person has also faced the wrath of terrorists attack in recent pasts. This time, the 26/11 attack was so savage and brutal that hearts of most of the common men and women in the country are left writhing in fear .


My friend, having been a long term patriot as I have been, decided that the best thing for a person like him was to settle in some peaceful European nation where, atleast, his yet unborn children will be saved from horrifying experience that we faced. And even though I hate to agree with him, I think he is correct. I remember in our childhood as soon as New Year would set in, I would endlessly wait for republic day just so that I can see the parade over the television. He would do the same at his place. At that time I would be so stubborn with my love for India that I would never imagine leaving the country at all. Imagining that I would actually plan to leave the country and settle someplace else, never crossed my mind. I always used to think that it was our country and therefore it was our responsibility to improve it. Yet now, that dream of changing the country has changed.


Although I am abroad right now, my mind always wanders in India. So much for my love for my country, my watch is still set to Indian Standard Time. That’s the extent to which I miss my country. After the recent attack on Mumbai, I had to call every friend of mine in Mumbai to ensure they were safe. It was during one of these conversations that my friend said that he plans to settle outside as he was really tired of living in fear. Although I argued that even a place like USA is not safe, he argued back saying that most of the nations are safer than India. This made me to think, what would happen if talented people like him (IIT, IIM) leave the country? Isn’t it the responsibility of the government to ensure that the talent of the country is preserved for the benefit of the country?


Well I don’t have the answers to all these questions and my suggestion to him was one which I never thought of giving to anyone, that it is his life and he is the better judge of it. I would have liked him to stay, but I couldn’t force my decision on him. And that’s because I believed he was right. I was very close to the place where the recent bomb exploded in New Delhi and I too was terrified for weeks. So much so, that I was not willing to venture out.


Mumbai, in the recent past, has become habitual to such attacks. The time I was in Mumbai, we received lots of terror threats and they made me sick in my stomach. Each time I would take up a local train, I would actually pray to the Almighty. So what can I say to my friend who is about to get married next year, is already settled in terms of a job and is earning more then any person his age . I know his leaving the country won’t make much difference to India or even to his life. But what would happen if everyone like him, talented and intelligent, decided to leave the country because government was not in a position to provide security to the common man? This is a sad, sad day for the country when people like him are thinking about leaving.


I think it is high time that Government takes some concrete steps to prevent such attacks and not just cure the obvious after effects of such attacks. With RAW having innumerable internal conflicts, our secret service has proved that it is one of the worst in the world. Let us just hope that Government can provide its citizens a much peaceful land to live in. With all internal problems complimented by terrorism, the land looks less and less attractive to stay.

Pradyuman Singh Rawat

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