The Final Presidential Debate Puts A Nasty End


With the final debate being concluded today, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared much more than their views. Cutting back sentences, passing insulting comments slyly, all has been done in the past; however, this pair stands themselves out amongst the many who had met the same fate. Their repulsion towards each other becomes much more evident than their twitter exchanges and was out for everyone to see which wasn’t a surprise in the finale of Presidential debates.

I watched the debate and I was in awe of how Clinton manages to portray her points much to the embarrassment of Trump, who has nothing but his slapstick comments to fall back on. The man is danger and I am hoping that post this debate, many sees him for what he is.

The debate started off with the discussion as to how the President will tackle the Supreme Court and what sort of Justices they would want for the country they are battling to preside over. Clinton wants the Supreme Court to act more in favor of the citizens than serving up the wealthy and privileged. She strongly opposes the Citizen United which as per her works more in the favor of wealthy enterprises than the citizens who suffer by large. Trump, however, would essentially want Justices who would uphold the 2nd amendment, which has been under heated debates and traumas for a long time now.

The candidates have strong viewpoints when it comes to the policy of gun control. Clinton does support the amendment but wants to have reasonable regulation so as to decrease the number of deaths that take place in the States. By a purely numerical count, the United States has seen more than 1,000 mass shootings in 1,260 days. Trump, on the other hand, supports the national right of a citizen to carry a weapon and would appoint Justices in the Court that would feel the same.

The gun violence in US is much more than the threat of mass shootings.

The next they discussed was the right to attain abortion by women. Clinton, being the women’s rights supporter that she is, supported abortion in terms when it compromises on the health of the mother. She thinks it’s high time that the government stops interfering in the intimate decisions of a woman’s life, decisions which are often threatened due to stringent abortion laws. Trump on the other hand is ‘pro-life’, and doesn’t agree with abortions that happen in the final stages of pregnancy.

The world is debating and urging others to finally cater to a woman’s need and respect her choices. Should something as personal as abortion be scrutinised by the prying eyes of the government?

The next thing to be discussed was the woes of immigration that is currently gripping the country. This was the only part of the debate wherein Trump was sure of his views and knew what he had to say. As per him, the minute he enters office, he’s going to initiate mass deportation of people and build a wall on the Southern border. The States is crumbling under the menace of immigrants who are rapists, druggists and are enticing the youth and luring them in with heroin. Clinton on the other hand, wants to initiate a pathway that would lead to speedy citizenship, and believes in the idea of open border but secure borders. She echoed the under-payments that are given to immigrants due to the lack of citizenship and want to stop such exploitation, hence, comprehensive immigration program for citizenship.

There are 11 million undocumented people in the States making up for 4 million documented US kids, can the deportation of 15 million families be of any aid to its drug menace?

Post such intelligent, if Clinton-sided, the discussion tumbled downhill. There were nasty comments and remarks made about each-others characters, accusations were flown and shortcomings were highlighted for the world to see. Nothing remained elegant about the debate.

Both were relentless in their pursuit to tarnish each-others reputation, and yes, as expected, the man of the hour Donald Trump refuses to back down and continue with the dedicated pursuing of his absurd campaign. The same was done by Hillary when it comes to destroying the reputation of Trump and calling him out to be a capitalist mongrel and misogynist that he actually is.

The dignity and the policies with which Clinton stood by awed most in the audience, and I am sure would have charmed most of the people in the States as it actually should. Trump had nothing to play with apart from his regressive approach towards various communities, and of course the ‘apparent respect’ he has for women, which made many erupt in laughter. The irony of such a thrown-around statement by Trump was for everyone to witness.

Clearly, like the previous rounds of debates, this one also belonged to Clinton. What remains to be seen is whether the winning streak would continue with her being the President or was it just limited to the debates.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper