The Forbidden Fruit

Relationships are the charms that make our life livable. They create the magic of emotions like love, trust, happiness and sorrow around us, keeping us entangled and further making us greedy for more. We spend most of our life in making efforts to sustain these relationships because it provides us with a sense of belonging and satisfaction. But has this question ever crossed your mind that these beautiful relationships often make you weak and dependable. The answer according to me is yes, it does definitely but not in every case, the result varies from person to person. But for the ones who suffer this agony, it’s time for you to make a move now and live a better independent life. Don’t let your feelings guide you, try to lead and guide you feelings. Don’t eat the forbidden fruit.

It all starts when one becomes so lost in a relationship that he or she is ready to compromise on freedom and happiness, and at that time suffering begins. It begins at a very small pace and we don’t realize it because it’s the beginning of the relationship, hence we are captivated by its beauty. But as time passes, one gets to know that in the urge of sustaining that relation, an extra effort has been invested. In the meantime, the other person is used to that little extra effort and when he or she does not see it that becomes problematic for both.

In the course of time, you become dependent on the other person, start avoiding responsibilities, telling lies, complaining endlessly and blaming all the time.It creates emotional dependency and we start expecting the other person to take responsibility for feelings like safety, worth and security. You should portray yourself the way you are and also understand that love is not a means to fulfill anyone’s needs. When you are depending so much on the other person emotionally or in any other form, directly or indirectly you are dragging that person also into this vicious circle of dependency. This creates incurable pain, insecurity and depression for both the partners. Set yourself and your partner emotionally free and start taking blame for your own action. Prioritize your wishes, be good to yourself, start taking care of yourself and learn to say no when you want to. To have a healthy relationship you have to break this vow and search for your own identity, take responsibility because remember, you are not a victim. Get a grip.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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