The Formula1 Mania

As I stepped inside the Buddh International Circuit, the first thing that flashed in my mind was, “Is the experience going to live up to the hype created?”

Thousands of people, acres of land, and a never-ending track (quite literally).

An amateur to all kinds of sports, particularly Formula 1, I wasn’t supporting anyone and besides the basic format, I had no clue of what to expect.

It began, and boy, if it was anything short of awesome!

One of the longest straight tracks in the world, not to mention the nerve racking turns, the 60 laps were one hell of a ride.

Even as a mere spectator, among the lakhs of people present there, it was a shot of adrenaline for me, and I’m sure for everyone present there.

It was the place to be during the weekend if one was in Delhi.

A delight for photographers, people eagerly waited for the cars to appear on the track just so that they could take a snapshot of the never-to-be-forgotten experience.

While I wasn’t the only one lost in the crowd, or the sheer enormity of the events unfolding in front of me, there were those who knew the sport, diligently followed it and enthusiastically supported their favourites. Even I couldn’t stop myself from immersing in the sport.

Before the first ten laps, I knew who I was vouching for, and like the rest of the crowd, even I was on my feet cheering, clapping and trying to understand the finer points of the game.

Born in a nation where cricket is the god of games, the F1 truly stole my heart.

As predicted by a lot of people, Sebastian Vettal stood first followed by Alanzo, and last but not the least, the man I was cheering for, Mark Webber.

As I, numb with excitement, paved my way out of the stadium and walked down towards the parking lot, a friend of mine asked me, “Would you like to come again next year?” I couldn’t help but give an enthusiastic grin and say, “Yes!”


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