“The Friend, Philosopher, Guide of my Life”

He was my first friend, first inspiration, first envy, first competitor…
yeah……I’m talking about MY FIRST COUSIN!

Our four year age gap never really found its place between us when it came to any mischief, any conspiracy, any weirdest planning possible….simply in anything!
If someone asks me about the time which I would remember forever and would cherish always…’each moment’ spent with him would find an unrivalled space!
My childhood is the truly precious one, memorable and the best anyone would have had…just because he was a part (the major part!) of it.

Be it teasing me for eclairs, or showing off he knows the world more than me, and then after saying, “haan yaar…tu sahi hai!” or saving me from our grandma’s scoldings after any mischief of mine, or the times we played ‘chor-police’ where I was the thief by default always…or the times we helped my ‘donald’ in his suicides…
or the times he lost the game just to make a 5 year old happy…
or just letting me know his unimaginable hide-outs during hide-and-seek..
or snatching my cadbury but sharing the 50paise ‘max’ toffee with me..
or just being so cute in everything!
OR for just letting me be a part of his perfect world…
He was, is and will till my last breath…be an inevitable, uneraseable part of my life.

He has so lovingly and patiently (an important virtue one needs when dealing with me!) guided me through each and every aspect of my screwed up next to hell life…
From studies to subjects,
From milkybar to temptation,
Hrithik to ‘someone’
From a wimp to nerd (!),
From ‘people’ to ‘friends’
Writing to blogging,
and from death to life (literally).

He might not but I still remember the night…6-01-2009…when he just to keep me from drifting in trauma again narrated the  story of  ‘A Wednesday’,
did everything stupid possible for him then,
and infused in me the belief ‘ki ye sab meri wajah se NAHI hua hai….’
With him by my side….I feel the most beautifully blessed person of the world.

I can’t imagine my life without him….’cause there won’t be one if he would cease to be a part of it.

He is the only one who when I text even at 1200 hours would replay back “kai hoyo”, the only one who gives a deep thought to my insane wishes,
understands me like none on earth can, who being just the best in everything and knowing it too asks me, “friend ki shaadi mein kya pehnu?!”, who so lovingly used to say,”haan bachcha” when I called him in his college days, who listens about all the nonsense stuff about my innumerable crushes and still never scolds me!

Who is the picture perfect son, grandson, nephew, not a boyfriend or spouse yet (though I know he’ll be the best when he’ll come to it)…. and of course THE BEST BROTHER!!

My eyes got so welled up while writing this that I might have missed out some events where he helped me sail on surface,
Might have fallen short of words to describe the best person of the world and what he is to me,
Might not have been able to match up to his critical views about my write ups,
Might have never matched to what he desired me to turn out as,
But today…
I want to tell him something I never did…

And put it as simple as he has made striving, surviving, LIVING for me…

“Bhaiya…I LOVE YOU”.

Neha Ubana

Image Source: [http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1201/1266237363_7240575af1.jpg]