The Friend Requests!

“Girls, do not put up your real self as your profile picture in the social networking sites. Trust me, you are inviting trouble.”

And of course it sounds like putting the blame back on the girl who has been raped.

It is so common to hear this from a family of a rape accused in order to save him from the guilt. Bloody morons.

“Why did the girl chose a late night job? She asked for trouble herself.” was the latest saviour dialogue in the not so recent Dhaula Kuan (Delhi) rape case.

Bastards! Go to a wedding, stay there till wee hours, park your goddamn car fairly far enough from the venue and tell the females of your family to come home on their own, braving all the perverts hovering around, completely sloshed and have the balls to say the same thing to them, when they are raped next.


Quoting this case, does not really mean I am against girls, putting up there ‘The Best’ picture ever.

Sure girls. Do It. You have all the right in the world to do that. Yes, you are beautiful!

And hell, you will definitely receive all the attention, even from you-don’t-know-who!

Not to mention the number of friend requests which go up like the stock market, as if, the finance minister made a random statement favourable to the industry.


What about the messages these perverts send to any random hot chick, looking at whom they feel they get an erection?

Here are a few excerpts:

  1. “Hey…God I luv ur pic. U r so HOTTTT. Plzzz sent me a frnd req. I cant. I jsttt lovveee ur pic.”
    (sorry for the bad English).
  2. “Why don’t you try modelling? You look awesomeee.”
    (Who asked for your opinion).
  3. “I am giving you a msg for the 3rd time, please response to my msg. please xcpt my frndship”
    (No comments).
  4. “I am looking for a bride, who has to be fare (fair), lovely, good looking, educated, which you are. Would you mind?”
    (Now seriously, this msg was half a page long and I couldn’t help myself reading all of it n laughing. I almost died!)

What do you do?

Report these messages as spam? Ignore them? Ignore them twice or thrice may be?

What after that?

You block them, right?

But, seriously, these people don’t give up. They would create another profile, with the profile picture even shittier than before and stalk you, I don’t know till when.

Hard luck, I say!

And then these guys have the balls to say that girls entertain them. Why on earth were girls made for?

Stop objectifying women you creepy underground slimy creatures!

Go, dig you eyes, ears, and whatever-you-feel-like in those porn movies collection hidden in your computers inside multiple folders with names like ‘virus’, ‘missing files’, etc.

Keep your testosterone levels in controls you suckers.

Stop sending creepy messages and random requests.

It certainly shows what a jerk you are in your real life and hence you use the cyber place to boost your ego.

I seriously wish to kill somebody like this now.

Oh wait!

I completely forgot to mention how guys would react to this.

Sample this:

  1. “Who do you think you are? A supermodel? Bloody attention seeker. Nobody sends such messages and random friend requests to any random hot chick. No body does that to you, that’s why you are making all this up.”
    (Really? Why were you so interested in reading this shit and thinking hard enough with your pea-sized-brain what all to write to generate enough reactions from me to SEEK ATTENTION)
  2. “You are no respectable girl. No respectable girl uses such abusive language even if there are some silly issues.”
    (You *&@$&^^##%, Don’t boss me around. Be a girl for one day. Enough said.)
  3. “You have no right to say these many derogatory things about guys. Not all guys are the same.”
    (You don’t tell me what my rights are. Trust me, if I had the rights, I would chop off the dicks of the rapists who hang around after raping women, as if nothing happened. And yes, not all guys are the same, n if you are decent enough, accept it, it happens. Ask your female friends, your sisters, if you have any.)

And my blood pressure levels are already up. Don’t bother to think much about what to write in your defence boys!

Nidhi Jain