The Ghanta Awards: Where The Worst of Bollywood Is Celebrated With Some Of The Best Jokes


The Ghanta Awards need no introduction. An innovative concept in its own, the Ghanta Awards are held every year to celebrate the worst of Bollywood. And the best part is, these awards are presented by some of the best comedians in India. Isn’t that a relief from the way Indian award shows are typically presented?

This year’s show included the traditional categories such as the Worst Actor, Actress, Film etc. and at the same time featured new and innovative categories such as the “WTF was that!” and “That’s Anything but Sexy” category. Sonakshi Sinha, Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan and Farah Khan were declared winners in some of the categories. Interestingly, none of them attended the show.

The Ghanta Awards, though entertaining for the audiences, still hasn’t managed to garner much star support, for obvious reasons. After all, who would want to go up on a stage and admit to being one of the worst performers of the year?

Although none of the stars who won have commented, but , let us hope that in coming years some will, and also accept that they did bore the audiences out of their minds with their mindless acting. Meanwhile, let’s just enjoy this light dose of laughter with a bucket full of popcorn and hope for better performances in near future!


Shivani Sandhu

Image Source: The Viewspaper