The Gift of the Nile

Egypt is a mystical land of deep history and culture. Near its capital city, Cairo stands one of the greatest marvels of ancient architecture: the Pyramids at Giza.Though there are many pyramids spread across Egypt and some in Mexico, the ones at Giza have earned their place as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Giza is a small town near Cairo. which is easily accessible by different means of transportation which include a ride on camel or horse-back. I had travelled from Cairo to Giza in a tourist bus. The roads are well-connected and it is easy to find the place even without the help of a guide.


There are a lot of hotels in and around Giza, ranging from five star accommodations to economy ones. The best time to visit the pyramids is early morning when the sun is not yet up in the sky.. The heat at Giza is almost unbearable. The visit also includes a lot of trekking, so it’s a good idea to visit in the spring or winter season when the heat is not at its peak.


There are three pyramids in total at Giza, accompanied by the Great Sphinx. In ancient Egypt, the kings began building their tombs almost as soon as they gained power. They would hide all their treasure inside their tombs. The emperors believed in after-life and rebirth and thus, paid a lot of attention to how their tombs were designed in order to keep their bodies and treasure safe.


The largest pyramid is called the Greater pyramid and is the tomb of King Khufu. Its architect was Himihyunu and it took 32 years to build this masterpiece. The second largest pyramid is the tomb of King Kephron, the son of Khufu. The third one is the tomb of King Mecernas. The first two tombs are built completely out of limestone while the third is built of granite.


The tourists are allowed to see the inside of the Greater pyramid. The greatest mystery about this pyramid is that no body of the King or his treasures have been recovered till date.


The Sphinx is believed to be build with the face of King Kephron and the body of a lion. Symbolically, it merges together the qualities of power and strength of a lion and the thinking and intelligence of a human being. Thus, calling King Kephron a great King. The absent nose of the Sphinx attracts a lot of tourists. The reason for it is also unknown. Many researchers believe that it was shot at by Julius Caesar when he invaded Egypt; others say that the nose has disappeared due to erosion.


Another attraction of the place is the sound and light laser show held in the evenings. Here, laser lights are used to bring the Sphinx alive and narrate the grand history of Egypt to viewers. There are a lot of shops around the area to shop for souvenirs.


The pyramids at Giza are truly mesmerising and should be visited by all. The feelings that the place evokes can only be felt first-hand. Relaying these feelings and experiences would do injustice to their splendour.


N. Trikala Satya

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