The Girl Across The Street

Across the street, like everyday
I can see the little girl working away,
Everyday, the same,
It never does change,
And never do I find she even complains,
So I decided to ask her today,
“Don’t you also want to come out and play?”
Then for the first time,
I noticed her weary smile,
The same that she’d bestow me with, every once in a while
I saw her tired eyes,
And those rough, small hands,
As if her soul spoke to me,
What her mouth could not,
I knew, that very moment,
What a sour deal she had got,
At that moment, it came to me; I hated myself, and all of humanity,
For doing what it had, to that little, divine beauty,
I could imagine her somewhere, laughing and having fun,
But when I realised her fate, I could just wish for her to run.

Lakshika Pant