The Girl In The Black Dress #2


First Kiss

As the gentle winter breeze decided to roll by the crooked streets of the Ramfal Chownk, I decided to give her company. The lovely angel of the night was looking beautiful, dazzling in the glittering lights of the decorated market. Shimmering! It was her night today. She was all set to greet her lovers. And they had always loved her; loved enough to rejoice in the anticipation of her arrival.

There she came! Making her way through the interwoven branches of the tall trees, blessing them with serenity. The leaves waved in celebration. The moonlight lit her path. All the stars were watching. Her beauty had charmed their hearts too. They basked in the glory of her homecoming…

Horn! Horn! “Abe dekh kar nai chal sakta kya?” (Can’t you see and then walk?)

I just escaped a minor accident.

My feet had been treading for quite a while now; I found myself in the middle of a busy road; Falling awake!

The vintage clock on the old building had struck 9. It was the night before lohri, and the bazaars were all decked up. I had come out to feast on some fresh bakes of the winter season.

The Frenchloaf had always been famous for its mouth-watering Parisian macaroons; I had planned to savour them today.

As much as my gastric juices waited to devour the sweet cream sandwiched between the ground almond crusts, my thoughts kept falling astray. They were drenched in the memories of the Girl In The Black Dress.

On 8th of January I had met her for the third time. It was at Cafe Coffee Day in Chankya Puri.

“What must I greet her with? Something that reminds her of me even in Philippines…” I was confused. We had chalked out the plan in the morning only.

“A bouquet?”
“Go for Lillie”
“But I love her…”
“Okay. Roses then…”
“What else?”
“Get her a portrait of her pic. Make sure it’s at-least 9 inches long. K?”
“Wow! That would be awesome! I will also add a friendship message next to it”

With that, I complied her a collection of sixteen songs in a CD, with a special cover message.

“Lame? Too Old?”
“I know! But that’s me; A weirdo!”

I was going crazy for her. Never had I felt so high!

Last night while heading home from the market, I passed by my flat twice, each time going too far beyond the destination. And then wondering “Where have I come?”

It was like she was ruling my mind.

All those “I can do anything for you” things started making sense; those messed up lyrics of love songs started to unfold in my mind.
Epiphany! The third law of Thermodynamics was broken! My universe was moving towards a more organized state. The Entropy was decreasing!

Good Lord! I was in love with her!

I reached CCD an hour early; and there I kept waiting for the girl of my dreams. She was also scheduled to meet a friend of hers before me. Actually it was my decision to meet her afterwards. I wanted to spend some time with her, alone! I wanted to talk to her, gaze at her face and drown in the beauty of her eyes.

“Her eyes! They are so expressive; she could read an entire essay with them”, I had told a friend of mine few days back.
“Dude you are crazy for her! Go and get her! Don’t let her go!”

She called me up. It was around 6. She wanted me to meet her friend. They had been together in high school.
I went ahead.

It was a good interaction. Both of them were talking and I was just staring at the prettiest face in the world. Speechless!
“Bol le bhai kuch…” said her friend. (Dude, say something at-least!)

“Aaa…a…a.”, what could have I said, “You have got a very pretty friend there?”
I just exchanged the pleasantries.

She offered me some cake, and then some coffee. It was like she was taking care of me. I felt happy in her company.

Sometime later her friend went away. Now it was just me and her. We held hands, sat on the couch, comforting each other. I could smell her fragrance.

People say drugs make you feel high! I don’t know which brand her perfume was, but it certainly can prove out to be a better alternative.

We were getting close to each other. We talked a little, hugged a lot.
“Never ever leave me. Never ditch me”, she said
“I won’t. Never! Ever! I’ll always be there for you… I love you!”
“I love you too babe!”

She looked me in the eyes. And I in hers. They were as pretty as God could have made. I could have sat there all my life, just staring at them.
We came closer. I could feel her cheeks on mine. The softness of that gentle touch, it was like rolling smoothly over a velvet cloth.
Peace. Calm. Serenity.

Her hair; they came over my face.

“…and when you buried your nose in that mountain of curls, just wanting to go to sleep forever”. I could perfectly relate to this statement from “Scent of a Woman”. I was lost in the wonderland.

And then, slowly, we kissed!
Her lips, and when they touched mine; it was ecstatic! Pure!
Boy O Boy! I was in wonderland. I could feel the beauty of love.

Never had I in my life experienced a feeling so beautiful…

“Sir, your order is ready!” said the waiter at Frenchtoast.

The Parisian macaroon had been served. But, where was I? Still drenched in the thoughts of my girl.

The next time I meet her, it would be in the March of 2014. She studies in Philippines. I just hope it turns out to be great between us…

“I’ll never ever leave you…”
“So would I. Love you!”
“Love you too baby”

These were the last words with which we bid each other farewell…

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