The Gitanjali Album

The Gitanjali Album is a collection of poems and notes written by a young girl named Gitanjali Ghei who died of cancer at the young age of sixteen. It was the ailment which inspired her to write poems describing her state of mind and the agony she went through. Gitanjali Ghei was born to a Sikh family in Meerut on 12th June 1961. She spent most of her life in Bombay and died there in 1977. Although she was in deep pain due to her illness, her poems reveal the faith which she adhered to; in herself and in God and more importantly the audacity with which she accepted the fact of death. The poems have been compiled by Mr. Parmananda Divarkar, who was Head of the Department of Psychology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Her poems were highly praised and were also translated in many languages.

The girl led an ordinary life being surrounded by family, friends, school and pastimes. But, her thoughts on the contrary, transcend every boundary of ordinariness, showing a sense of maturity, realism and entrenched spirituality at such a tender age. Her poems and notes are an outcome of self-confidence and an attitude of self – surrender towards the Almighty. Below are the lines of the poem “Life”:

Life is like a
Fragile thread
One does not know
When it might snap
The only solid
Holds on it
Is the faith
That is….
You trust and care
Be prepared
To face death
As and when
She appears
Death is like a
Honoured guest
She comes not
On her own
She has His orders
To abide
Do not be afraid
Death is all warm
Soft and kind…
To all those
Who trust
His judgment.