The God You Can Fool And The God You Can Bribe

sin certificate

Being the religious beings that we usually are, it’s very common for many of us to go to holy shrines and religious places yearly. We all swear by the miraculous God, who would always be there to help us find and give solutions in our most desperate times. They give hope; and some shrines offer food and shelter too. They are our saviours and we all want to do well, so when we come face to face with them after our death, we might get a place in heaven after all.

We are forbidden to indulge into nasty activities so that we steer clear of the bad karma that might behold us in the time to come. However, sometimes the temptation gets the better of us; we indulge in activities that would get us shunned onto the path of the gateway of hell. We lie, we cheat in exams, we consume alcohol and various other intoxications, we bitch about people, we hurt someone unintentionally.

Well, these are the normal day-to-day activities that might pile our bad deeds to an enormous heights. However, there are certain deeds, if not punishable by law, are punishable by God. After all, His is the path of justice and salvation.

The gateways to heaven might open up their doors in their full might only if you manage to get rid of your sins. While many of us might get befuddled with the idea of good riddance that are our sins, our very own priests have found a solution to whitewash every sin we may have committed.


Raped someone, murdered them brutally, and extorted money from your parents by ill-treating and brutalising them, using your wife as an object for sexual needs – all these sins could be forgiven only if you do as these priests of Rajasthan ask you to. Moreover, they provide you with a warranty for your purification, which obviously might be viable when you meet the holy body that is God.

The Gautameshwar Mahadev Paapmochan Teertha Shiva temple in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh district has pilgrims going there to get ‘paap-mukti’ (freedom from sins) certificates. All they have to do is take a dip in the temple’s ‘kund’ (tank) and make a payment of Rs 11, as per a report by The Times of India. Forget undergoing penance or donating something to the less fortunate, as effective means to rid oneself of one’s sins. There is an easier and cheaper way to do so, pay Rs. 11 and get rid of the sins.

This (holy) brain-washing lobby of the priests who have apparently let go of all that comprises of ‘moh and maya’, is astounding. The standard to which they will fall so as to earn extra bucks showcases an ugly face of the priests that are considered the messengers of God. They have publicised and commercialised the holy entity that comprises of God, and have distorted it to fulfil their selfish needs and desires, ruining the essence of it.

We must know, no certificate can assure the goodness in you, and nothing of that sort can make you a better person altogether. The only way, you might get into heaven (if in existence), is by treating life, collectively, with respect. It’s of no use bowing down to a statue of Durga and raping or beating your wife behind the closed doors.

Like Big Brother, God, indeed does see all.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

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