The Good, the Bad and the Neutral

Sunday breakfast always has a special charm. Kids, dad, grandpa, grandma all have eyes on mom in anticipation of what special fooq is on Sunday morning.

But Sunday August 28, 2011, the breakfast at 10 AM revolutionized the entire thing. Today everyone’s eye are on the TV screens, and no one is interested what special is made at home (a good news for moms, they can rest today…. ;)).

Well jokes apart, a historic day in the biggest democratic nation of the world. ANNA is the name on everybody’s lips, and they are supporting a fight for a better nation, a fight for a better system, a fight for a better cause, a fight for common man, a fight for a cause.

Doesn’t the title sound strange? But the entire episode or the reality which was converted into a show signifies this. 12 days of Anshan changed the entire scenario.

The good – those who hold the tricolor and were out of their homes to support the cause, the bad-policy makers and bureaucrats and the neutral-the audience who was at home sitting in front of the TV and getting live updates.

But the entire thing showed one thing that democracy is still alive, it was just sleeping. Anna gave a waking call or an alarm just to remind us that it’s high time, now everyone should get up and be on their toes.

Good to see that the end result is positive but ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’, as ANNA has already said that it’s a half victory. Let’s see how it turns out to be in the future. Hope that everything will be perfectly fine and we will be a part of a developed nation with a clean system soon.

Best part is that democracy is still alive and hopes are not lost. Both the houses unanimously adopted the resolution through the ‘sense of house’ instead of passing it by voice vote. It really felt good to hear from Mr. Manmohan Singh “Parliament will is the will of people”.

Good to see that media is still concerned about the nation and great that ANNA helped the great Indian cricketer’s to escape criticism that they would have faced after losing test series in England by 4-0. They must thank ANNA as he solved the dual purpose…

It’s a victory of democracy and the entire nation. United we stand, and now we will rise…

Malvika Dudi