The Great Indian Dream

Few days ago we celebrated our 64th Independence Day and I for once didn’t feel a difference. I did not watch any programme on television and I didn’t read any articles about India. Does it matter?

Do we have to express our views and always talk about India to be considered as a patriot? Patriotism is defined as ‘Devotion to one’s country’ and it doesn’t go further and it fails to explain how this devotion is achieved. Are we less human if we aren’t classified as patriots? Striving to be a better human, does this affect being a patriot? And last, is it compulsory to be a patriot?

I have been travelling across Europe and India over past three years. There is one common element to connect with – humans. Connecting with humans was the differing thing I could experience as most other things was different forms of nature. I want India to be great, because I was born here and it holds good if I were to be born in another country as well. To me, patriotism is an exercise that will always be worked upon, regardless of one making a conscious effort.

Working on oneself to realise our potential is one of the best methods to make our country richer. This doesn’t mean we need not help the ones who are in need. By all means, we need to help people to realise their dreams and this sets in a feeling of us achieving what we were meant to. It’s a feeling that can be felt and very few can translate for others to feel in a similar way.

Never before in its history has India faced such corruption charges. Is it worse? I would say it is a combination of a lot of factors that has resulted to our present situation. The Pandora’s Box has been opened in the form of media hunt, public questioning, protests etc

I believe the situations we see always existed; it is just that it is being exposed and being made available to everyone easily. It is like the value of a property whose rate magnifies with time. It is similar with corruption.

Another issue, which people complain is the influence of Western lifestyles. A lot of moral policy makers give out their opinions asking for a ban of a particular Western element. Anything which is unpleasant is a Western influence is a wrong statement. I do not know how my parents felt in their youth, but it’s different when compared to present. While they praise the advancement of technology, they also condemn the dark side of it. Whose fault is it anyway? Is CHANGE not a common factor in human evolution?

I believe in the great Indian dream as I feel strongly to be an integral part of it. I am a tiny drop in this ocean of a country and all I can do is live out my dream. Dreaming is one thing, chasing one’s dreams is another thing but realizing those dreams is something.

And to realize, there is no one hard rule. One can go about it by taking any action(s) possible keeping in mind the repercussions of the actions taken. The best way to realise one’s dreams is to start living the dream. Let‘s play our role to the fullest and then hope and if possible help others playing their roles to the fullest. We were born by chance, but at least can strive to live by choice.

Rajan T